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Can’t plan everything
Can’t plan everything

Can’t plan everything

Right before NaBloPoMo started, I sat down at MacDreamy2 and planned out different topics on which to write. I even have a nifty little plug-in here, where I can stick posts on a calendar, so I can see at a glance what was planned for which day. Some days even had more than one, as I moved them around when needed. I was on top of the world, ready to take on the post a day challenge.

And all the planning in the world doesn’t matter a wet hen if you don’t feel like writing on any of those topics. There are planned posts on giftedness, on the gardening I did this summer, on plans and dreams I have…you get the idea. Ain’t feelin’ it today. Not a one. Didn’t help that the one I planned on finishing for today was eaten by interwebz gremlins, either. No guarantee that I’ll feel the posting love tomorrow, so that’s where you all come in.

It’s Ask Jen A Question Weekend!

Yeah, I’m falling back on this one. It was either that or go searching for a random meme. Anything goes. If I don’t feel like answering it, I won’t…or will find a way to answer in an amusingly roundabout way…so ask away! Tell your friends! Alert the media! Exit lurkdom and start typing! I’m sure there’s something you’re just dying to know about me, so knock yourself out.

‘Cause you really don’t want to know what kind of body of water I am.


  1. Benoit

    I open fire !
    Dear Jen, are you left-handed (please, do not answer that you type with 2 fingers, one of each hand LOL ) ?

    How much wine do you have to drink to do a skydive jump ?


  2. Benoit

    “what color is the sky of venus?”
    I’m afraid to discover that I’ve got a twisted mind and that I probably do not correctly understand the question Looolll So I’m waiting for Jen’s answer to understand the question LOL !!!

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