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Back in business…mostly
Back in business…mostly

Back in business…mostly

I have my sweet, darling, fast laptop back from the shop. When the woman finally found it yesterday, I think I may have shed a tear and embarrassed myself blubbering in gratitude. They had to replace the hard drive, which I think is a bad sign, given that I bought the computer in November. So far, so good. But because the hard drive was replaced, I have to go through and red0 all the personalizations I had on this machine. Little things like the screensaver and setting up email accounts in Outlook. And the big things like somehow getting all of my bookmarks and emails off the external hard drive and back on the laptop. It’s taking just short of forever. But I have Quicken up and running again, so I can breathe, and I can blog and read blogs now without it taking up the whole day, so I’m happy.

A couple of housekeeping items. If you’re visiting from scribbit, welcome! Pull up a chair, grab a drink, and stay awhile! I tested the laptop this morning by swinging by her blog (one of the very few addresses I remembered…it’s unusual enough to recall pre-coffee) and picked my jaw up off the floor after reading that she loved my blog. It’s a veritable love-fest, I tell ‘ya. I picked her as one of my rockin’ girl bloggers because I really do think she rocks and is the writer/blogger I aim to be (hmmm…sounds familiar, I think I wrote that before). So to see that she loves my blog was enough of a wake-up to get me to my coffee. So thanks, Michelle, and welcome to all ya’s who are kind enough to swing by.

Second thing. When nominating gals for the rockin’ girl bloggers, I knew I’d forget someone because I was working off of swiss-cheese memory, a crappy computer, and no bookmarks. And, sure ’nuff, I did. Thankfully scribbit nominated her. So, a very belated nomination from me to Robin at Around the Island. I feel like such a dork, I can’t believe I missed this. I love reading Robin, for many many reasons. Let me count the ways. I always wanted a penpal and never had one. Reading Robin is like having a penpal, without the long delay between letters. She lives in Israel, which you would think is a far stretch from suburban Colorado. It is and it isn’t. What I love is that despite the cultural differences, we are so very the same. We’re both moms of two younguns, trying to keep it together. I love reading about life in Israel, other than the gloom and doom you hear on the news. She is a refreshing voice.

Moving on. The heat wave is taking a coffee break, iced of course, just long enough for us to get used to the deliciousness that is temperatures in the mid-80s and zippo humidity. I took the boys to the park this morning and just reveled in the fact that I didn’t feel my liver baking from the inside out. We’re all in such a good mood because of the cooler temps. Hell is scheduled to return this weekend. Oh joy.

Still haven’t heard any suggestions on what to do with my wedding dress. Please help. It’s in Tom’s office right now and it’s a matter of days before he evicts it. I like having the closet space it vacated. I should be able to post a picture of it eventually, but in the meantime, think of tulle. Lots and lots (hey, I’m 5’11”) of tulle. I also haven’t had any comments since my political rant of a few days ago. Things that make me go hmmmm….

And one last thing before I return to the long mental nightmare that is restoring my computer…anyone know how to restore iTunes from an iPod to a computer when you didn’t know you’d be losing the hard drive and couldn’t prep for that? Sigh…I could just cry.

Whaddya think?

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