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People in Denver want ice water
People in Denver want ice water

People in Denver want ice water

This is my stock answer when A begins a sentence, “I want…” He’s too young for me to use the actual line, and this gets the point across.

It has been eleventy billion degrees here for the last, oh, 12 days or so. Yes, it’s hotter in other parts of the country, and we’re lucky that we don’t have humidity. Allow me to just say I did my time. I went to and taught band camps in 90+ degree heat with 90+% humidity. You sweat from places you didn’t know you had and wish you didn’t have that knowledge. Heat and humidity so nasty that the air conditioning just can’t keep up and so you lie on the floor panting like a dog trying to cool off. So while this current heat wave is hot without the humidity, I’m a wuss. I haven’t been able to take the boys outside to play or to the playground. Even early in the morning it’s hotter ‘n heck. The afternoons we camp out in the basement with books. At least the heat wave is supposed to break tonight for several days. Thank goodness. We’ll be able to do some of the outdoor things A is dying to do.

Speaking of nasty central Illinois heat waves (didn’t know we were, did you?)…my parents got married 41 years ago today. In a vicious central Illinois heat/humidity wave. After listening to my parents tell me for 20+ years to not get married in July, I did anyway. Only time I didn’t listen to them. At least it was pleasant for my wedding. I look at the pictures of their wedding and everyone is sweltering. The cake was melting. It was pretty bad I guess. After such a hot start, they’ve been heating up each other’s lives for 41 years. They are such a wonderful couple and a great example for me and my brother for how to have a marriage. I love them deeply…Happy Anniversary folks!

Speaking of wedding dresses (did I lose you there, too?)…what should I do with my wedding dress? It is a stunning dress, big and full with lots of tulle. I’d post a picture, but I’m still on the geriatric laptop and have no pictures on it. I haven’t seen it in eleven years, it’s in a box all preserved and all that. No daughter to wear it “someday”…what to do, what to do? I don’t need a christening gown (already have one) and I doubt either boy will want to wear it someday. ; ) Thoughts?

Whaddya think?

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