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Bad blogger. Bad, bad!
Bad blogger. Bad, bad!

Bad blogger. Bad, bad!

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Once upon a very long time ago (2006), I started a wee little blog after a year of reading blogs all over ye interwebz and a great deal of soul-searching (no, really, for a variety of reasons). But I read and I commented and built a community and did memes and silly little quizzes and all sorts of things. And it was fun.

And then, over time, my life decided to butt in (maybe that explains the unexplainable spam regarding a “butt welder”). Life insisted on my attention at the same time I found more and more blogs to read, of all types. The boys got older, activities increased, I began taking the whole writing thing more seriously, things changed. And I stopped commenting on others’ blogs. Many of the friends I met through my laptop were now friends on Facebook (except for ChiTown Girl, who refuses to join, and holds the record of reading every single one of my posts from the beginning). And lo and behold! My community changed. And I got sad.

So I think I’m gonna change things up here. I don’t know how, but I don’t wanna be a bad blogger anymore. I’ll sure as heck post more often, that’s for sure.

Just feeling the itch to change…


  1. I thought I’d already replied… my computer is weird today.

    Anyway, I was inviting you to come visit and leave a comment (you know, just to relieve your guilt). I’m at http://pookandbug.blogspot.com/

    I confess to having not read all your posts; I’m pretty new here. I think your writing, plus your “what I believe” is what has caught me up. I’m a sometimes-commenter but I could try to be better. (I’m also a sometimes blogger who could certainly write more often!)

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