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Bernstein and Copland and Bach, OH MY!
Bernstein and Copland and Bach, OH MY!

Bernstein and Copland and Bach, OH MY!

Oh my hell I have a lot of CDs. I’ve been burning my CD collection into iTunes this week almost non-stop and I’m nowhere close to being finished. If I’m really lucky, they’ll be done tomorrow, but it’s probably going to be Sunday at best.

Jen, really, you can’t have THAT much music!

Heh. You’d think. Let’s check, shall we? iTunes is telling me I have 4317 songs, 20.63GB, and 177.6 DAYS of music. One hundred seventy seven DAYS! DAYS, people! I have so much music on iTunes right now that I could listen all day every day for roughly six months and never repeat. And I’ve barely started the classical CDs.

No more CD purchases. I have to store these damn things after they’re in iTunes. I’ll buy WALL-E this afternoon.

Quick digression…my sons are WALL-E “experts” and it’s driving me insane. the movie has been out for 11 hours and they know everything. Sigh… Yes, we’re going to see it tomorrow, they had to earn it and they did. And then we’re going for sushi. ‘Cause my kids rock.

And back to the music.

Am I over the top when it comes to music? Please, someone, tell me you have more on your iTunes. My poor iPod is going to cry when I sync it after all this. Granted, it’s an 80GB iPod, so there’s plenty of room, but it’s gonna wig out ’cause I’ve never had that much on there.

Oh, and the category I don’t have much of (and will be deleting shortly)? Children’s music. Does.Not.Belong.On.My.iPod. Oh, except for the Johnny Cash Children’s Album. That’s pretty cool.

Still taking music recommendations. ‘Cause I don’t have nearly enough music.


  1. Poetikat

    Okay, now you’re just name dropping! Bernstein and Bach and Copland! ( I just bought some Copland last week).

    I don’t even own and iPod, cuz if I did, I would get less done than I do now (which ain’t much).

    You’re too funny!

    And your kids love sushi? You guys do rock!


  2. RC

    I think you and I could be music soulmates. Yes, I am a music hoarder and no, I have not loaded it all into iTunes. It would kill my computer. Truly.

    I have CDs in the basement, in my loft, in two of our vehicles, at my office, in my home office, in my bedroom and gosh knows where else…

    As for good children’s music – I so love Sandra Boynton’s Dog Train CD, I’ve been known to listen to it when no kids are around. It rocks. Truly. And lots of the bands/singers on it are people I listen to when they do non-children songs.

    My iPod is relatively small, but my older sister can’t believe I keep overloading it.

    Part of the problem – I subscribed to BMG when I was in college. Dangerous for someone addicted to music.

  3. Jen, you crack me up! I don’t even own an IPod, so I can’t relate to the actual ‘amount’ of music I have. But, I have LOTS of it around. Like RC, I also belonged to BMG AND Columbia House in my youth. I have HUNDREDS of cassette tapes in my basement, some I’m embarrassed to admit, still have the cellophane on them 🙁 I don’t have as many CDs, mostly because I know I have no place to store them. And, my car has a cassette player, not a CD player. (Are you seeing a trend here…no IPod, cassette player…hello, Lisa, it’s 2008!!) But, still, I have more than I can handle sometimes.

    I do have TONS of kid’s music, both on cassette and CD, though. I used to have music on 24/7 when my son was little. (OK, I still do now, but it’s usually competing with whatever Lex is listening to these days!) My absolute favorite was, and still is, Joanie Bartels. LOVE HER! When he got a little older, and wasn’t so into the “baby music,” I started taking it to school to share with my babies. Since then, I’ve purchased many, many new tapes and CDs for them. We have “morning music,” “working/thinking music,” “resttime music,” “center time music,” and so on. The music helps the babies keep track of our daily schedule, and makes transitioning so much easier. We even have “clean up music.” (Ah, crap, I’m suddenly missing the babies…) I used to do the same thing with Lex, which was made so much easier thanks to Joanie. She had/has a series of music that included “Morning Magic,” “Bathtime Magic,” “Bedtime Magic,” “Sillytime Magic,” “Dancing Magic,” and a couple more I think. One of the things I loved most about her tapes is that one side was with her vocals, the other side was just instrumental, so I could sing to/with Lex. OK, now I’m feeling really melancholy…

    Good grief, maybe if I hadn’t posted a freakin’ novel, I wouldn’t be on such an emotional rollercoaster, huh? Sorry! I promise I won’t comment for the next week! 😉

  4. Umm.. Ben Harper and Mika. My two recs… and my music count in iTunes is 3218 songs, 9:06:55:57 total time, and 16.03 GB.

    But with that said I have about 200 cd’s that aren’t in iTunes, for my computer only has an 80 gig drive, so I have to be disciplined in my music selections.

    Do you have Mika..I can pass it along!

  5. Karin

    On my laptop I have 1079 items. But that is but a miniscule percentage of my music library. I have probably 1000 cds upstairs that I haven’t dumped onto a computer yet. So, I think I might have you beat. 😉 When we get the new computer, I’m going to get all my cds on an external music drive. Won’t that be fun? Lord only knows how long it will take…lol!

  6. So you gave in? Good for you! I’m currently downloading the Best of the Monkees – love them! As for recommendations – I’m not sure you like my kind of music – but a little Ozzy is always necessary. Crazy train included – hey that could be a kid song! 🙂

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