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The good, the bad, and the uuuugly
The good, the bad, and the uuuugly

The good, the bad, and the uuuugly

The good: A is done with OT. This came out of left field this week. His OT called and said she thought he had progressed to the point that he didn’t need to continue coming this summer. We’ll have a confab this fall, but for now he’s done. Today was his last session. I’m still stunned, but absolutely thrilled. I’m so happy he’s doing so well, but also over the moon that we’re done because we can really use that $300/month for things like gas. And food. And utilities. You know, the disposable income stuff.

The bad: Summer camps for the boys are over. We still have 7 1/2 weeks of summer left.

The uuuugly: We’re about to start tearing Tom’s office apart. His company is completely shutting down next week to start up their new computer system and this gives him the time he needs to completely gut his office, paint (and sweet Jesus, vacuum…you could get lost under the dust in there), assemble the office furniture he is picking up right this very minute, and toss everything that doesn’t fit. I don’t like clutter and even though it’s his office, I’m tossing anything that’s not nailed down. He’s got stuff in there he hasn’t looked at since we moved in almost five years ago.

With all that in mind, I’m still burning CDs…sigh…

More music recommendations! Just, please, no kid music…my ears are bleeding. 😉


  1. It always makes me laugh when other moms comment on how long summer vacation is, and practically count down to when school starts again. I wish summer vacation could go on and on, obviously. Not that I don’t totally understand where everyone else is coming from, I just feel the opposite way, that’s all. I’m practically crying because there’s ONLY 7 1/2 weeks of summer vacation left! 😉 Let’s just hope I won’t be heading back to the Hell-Hole then…

  2. Z’s baseball is over now and A is on a two week break from gymnastics. Believe me, I am counting down to when soccer starts for Z! I’m making notebooks for the kids to start working on – workpages for math and other brain activities. I’m also sending a puzzle with the kids tomorrow when they go to grandma’s house.

  3. I’m dying to redo my office space (and have a crazy idea about combining space with the kids to get a big space for computing & crafting for all) but am waiting until I get the $$ to afford the redo and the computers…..until then I’ll live vicariously through you.

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