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Best Things About Today
Best Things About Today

Best Things About Today

Every evening a dear friend of mine on Facebook posts a list of the Best Things About Today. And every evening I read it and am impressed that A) she keeps it up every.single.day. and B) she can find five things every.single.day. That says more about me than her…and not in a good way…so I’m working on doing the same. I tend to be more positive in person-my motto is “If that’s the worse thing that happens to me today, I’m in great shape”-but I’m a whiner in my head and that likes to escape through my fingers.


  1. My Happy Lamp. I bought a full-spectrum light a few weeks back. Best money I’ve spent at Costco in ages. My psyche does not like long dark days, of which we have had entirely too many so far this fall, so a Happy Lamp was a good investment. I have it on my desk at work, tucked behind my monitors so I don’t go blind, and bask in its loving glow. I can tell a difference; I haven’t seen the sun in at least four days now, it’s a full moon, and I’m PMSing to the point of hysteria…and I have no desire to drop kick a baby bunny into rush hour traffic. This is an improvement.
  2. Good, solid friends and complete strangers who offer support when things get tough. God love the folks who comment here and tell me I will survive raising a 2e child. There is no guarantee of retained sanity, but I’ll take what I can get.
  3. My electric blanket. Which is warming my beddie-bye as I shiver and type. And will welcome me in about two and a half minutes.
  4. I make a mean Zuppa Toscana soup. That freezes well. And reheats even better. So cold crappy rainy days can end with a family happily slurping soup and chatting about politics. No, seriously.
  5. The robotics class the boys are taking at a local business. This place is A’s idea of heaven: an entire store/workshop devoted to Legos and Lego Robotics. Open build hours. Classes. Eventual Lego Robotics club and league competition. His tribe lives here.
Hey! Not so bad! Guess I’m more positive than I realized.
Just get outta my way, the electric blankie is calling.


  1. sooveverything

    Jen –

    You are way more positive than you give yourself credit for. Hang in there. Summer will be back eventually and then we can all bitch about the humidity together.

  2. Von

    I knew I knew the friend you were talking about and yes she is amazing! Totally! However, Jen, give yourself a break! Your year would have kicked anyone’s behind and you are still funny and here and tippity tapping my stress away. Another thing on your list should be inspiring people you’ve never met. Or at least stopping them from using velcro cable ties to restrain twins who insist on fighting….(at least I don’t consider the plastic zip ties yet).

  3. I started a daily gratitude list years ago, and finally distilled one big thing out of it: I’m grateful that I have both the perspective and common sense to BE grateful.

    You have that. I can tell. 🙂

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