Nov 11 2011

Most epic wish EVER

It’s 11/11/11. Did you make your wish this morning at 11:11 am?

Why not?

Yes, it’s campy and silly, but why not? What does it hurt? It’s not going to happen again in our lifetimes, so why not?

Did I make a wish?

Bet your ass. I made the Most Epic Wish EVER. C’mon! It’s like super double extra awesome wish time! With sparkles and rainbows and glitter farting unicorns!

Oh, am I going to share my Most Epic Wish EVER?

No. No way no how never nuh-uh.

See, I want it to come true. Badly. Painfully. In a way so deep that making my wish this morning was more like saying a heartfelt prayer from the depths of my soul than a lighthearted Most Epic Wish EVER.

I’m sure guessing my Most Epic Wish EVER would not be too terribly difficult. And if you think you’re on the right track, raising it up for me would be greatly appreciated.

That said, I do have an alarm set for the second round of 11:11 tonight. Where I will resend my Most Epic Wish EVER back into the ether, even more heartfelt from even deeper depths of my soul.

Because sometimes you just have to bet on the wish and hope for the best.

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  1. Accidental Expert

    Crap. Why do I miss EVERYTHING. I not only missed the first round, but the second too. And I have some pretty hefty wishes too. Oh well, maybe next century.

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