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(Writing this from Word 2007, which has a blog post function. If something seems funky, let me know)

Well, I started off writing a post about how busy I am, and how tired I am of it all, and realized that I’m sick of thinking about that, so my two readers are probably even more sick of it. We’re all busy, dangerously so, so enough whining from me already.

Tonight the Rockies play in the World Series. There are some seriously pissed off people in Denver because tickets were only available for purchase online. And the server crashed on Monday and was slower than molasses in January yesterday. As crazy of a sports town as this is, you woulda thought someone would have seen this coming.

I’m volunteering in A’s classroom this morning, then staying for lunch. He’s over the moon about it.

Cross your fingers, I may have gotten my computer all straightened out. At least, I have email and my iPod functional, everything else can take a number.

And since I have to get J to preschool and this is, by far, the most incredibly boring post ever written in the short history of bloggityville, I’m outta here.

OH! Quick. Funny story. Tom and I went to see “Dirty Rotten Scoundrels” on Sunday. The musical, not the movie. It was the last (thankyouGod) set of tickets we had from our subscription; lemme tell ya, getting a sitter for a Sunday night ain’t easy. So we’re sitting in the balcony, second row from the front…intermission comes. There is a couple in front of us…dear God. She sits in his lap and they just go to town. He had his hand up her shirt…not on her back, but lookin’ for nubbins. About this time, we heard from directly behind us: “How are you feeling?” “Well, I my stomach doesn’t feel like throwing up anymore.” Tom and I just froze. We didn’t know whether to give the couple in front of us a couple of bucks, or go dashing for another seat. Ahh…the theatah…

Whaddya think?

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