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Rear Window
Rear Window

Rear Window

Karen over at PediaScribe tagged me for the “what’s outside your blogging window?” meme. My laptop is in the corner of the kitchen, in a built-in desk with cabinets and never ever enough space. To my left and slightly behind me is the deck door to the backyard. The view from my blogging window used to be a pastoral scene: large, empty field with wild grasses and my favorite, silence. Not so much anymore.

This is the elementary school that is being built. It’s going well, just drives me insane that they start at 6:30 in the morning. Great wake-up call. This is what I see if I turn and look over my left shoulder. But if I haul my lazy arse up out of the chair and stand at the door, I see this:

That’s Longs Peak in the background, flaunting the snow we got this weekend. It’s all melted down here, but the peaks are all frosted with snow. In the foreground is the school land, set aside for ballfields and such. That arena-like thing is an inline hockey rink; that park was put in this summer. Before about May or so, this entire field behind my house was empty.

Tag, you’re it: momumo, Tendril’s Ink, Three Little Words (’cause I’ve known Andrea IRL for 5 years and have never seen her house), Christina, and Cursing Mama.

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