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I love being snowed in. Unfortunately, my home is snowed in, but here in Chicago it’s simply raining. I hope we can fly in on Saturday (Tom made the good point that the airline will need our plane to get stranded travelers out, so it’s a good bet we can get in.), I hope we can get our van out of parking, and I hope we can get our sorry selves into our driveway. We lucked out, we were originally supposed to fly out of Denver yesterday; we would have been stuck at the airport with two small children, something akin to giving birth without drugs, something I know all about and care to never again experience. The drug-less birth thing, not the kids in an airport, but I never want to do the stuck with kids in an airport. Gah.

Took the boys for pancakes this morning. Not just any pancakes, but PANCAKES. They’re recovering (ok, coming down off the chocolate chip pancakes and syrup high). Not enough coffee in the world to counteract that sugar high. And we’re making XMAS cookies this afternoon (yes, even after the disaster of the gingerbread house). Then, after they’re all sugared up, I’m heading into the city all by my happy self to the music convention. {insert big happy cheesy smile here} It’s the only time I get to see old college friends.

And so I leave you this morning with a random quote from A: (on his way to take a leak) “Gotta get the yellow stuff from my pen!$, gotta get the yellow stuff from my pen!$…” My child. I’m ever so proud.


  1. Andrea

    Gotta love the ccmments the boys come up with – I don’t know how they walk around with those things!

    Hope you had a good time all by yourself!

    You may need to park on the street and trudge to the garage. Do you have really nice neighbors?

  2. Jen

    I don’t know how they walk around with those things either, but the boys sure like playing with them! LOL

    Chicago only got rain. Lots and lots of rain, while Tom and I took the El into town. Very moist that morning.

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