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Bob the Builder can take a flying leap
Bob the Builder can take a flying leap

Bob the Builder can take a flying leap

Ever since we moved into our new home 3 1/2 years ago, we’ve been living Bob the Builder.

Can we build it???

Yes, we can!!!!…and we’re going to start at 6:15 every morning, or as soon as the sun comes up, whichever comes first. Sorry if you’re still sleeping, or if your kids finally fell back asleep, or you work nights and would like to sleep later than that, we’re building here! Go, urban sprawl, GO!

There’s an enormous field behind my house. On the northern section they are building a park. It’s going to be wonderful having a lap pool and ball fields and a bike path back there, but right now I’m about ready to make some cement shoes and toss the contractors over the nearest cliff. Nevermind that I have no idea how to make cement shoes, and the nearest cliff is a minimum 45 minute drive west, that’s where I’m at right now. Oh, and that drive with contractors in cement shoes would certainly be much worse than driving three kindergarteners to school listening to their knock-knock jokes. Just sayin’.

It’s only going to get worse this summer. The rest of the enormous field is going to be a new elementary school. The district is scheduled to break ground in late May or so, with an opening date of fall 2008. They’re gonna be pushing construction to get it done in time, so I’m foreseeing more Sunday mornings with the beepbeepbeep of reversing tractors being my early morning alarm clock. I’m not a morning person, at least not until I have coffee. Tractors directly behind my house digging holes before I’m out of bed is simply going to make me into a raving bitch. So if you hear of a mom finally losing it and kidnapping a bunch of builders, well, send coffee to prison. I can’t imagine it’s very good in there.

Whaddya think?

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