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It’s already snowing here, and they’re starting to say we’re going to get more snow from this storm than the one that hit last week. Or as Tom put it, “Right now the snow predictions for the next 72 hours fall somewhere between “8 inches” and “repent your sins”.” Day-um, I wish I’d thought of that, that’s damned funny. I’m married to a good, funny man. Good thing, we’re going to be tripping over each other for the next few days because of this storm.

Our poor neighbor across the street is pregnant and her due date was yesterday. Hey, Murphy, spend the weekend here, don’t go sending that woman into labor, ok?

I’m hunkering down for the day, and tomorrow, and very likely the weekend too. I’m going to try to figure out why Blogger doesn’t want a new picture of me on my blog, if it’s at all possible to change the stinkin’ template to something I like, and go play with my scrapbook toys.

Are we ready for the storm? Let’s see…

  • Pullups for J? Check
  • Goodnights for A? Check
  • ADHD meds for A? Check (ooh, God help us all if he was out and we were all snowed in)
  • Food? Check
  • Full tank of gas? Check
  • Beer, wine, Southern Comfort? Check
  • Shows Tivo’d? Check

I think we’re set. Let’re rip!

*Bend Over, Here It Comes Again!

Whaddya think?

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