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revisionist weather forecasting
revisionist weather forecasting

revisionist weather forecasting

And God said unto Noah:

Duude, my bad. Scrap the ark, here’s the new plan. A large ski chalet (with a big fireplace, for the apres ski), skis for your family and the animals. Don’t forget the elephants, they get pissy if they’re excluded. If you have a chance, a tractor with a plow would be a good idea so you can get to the store for more marshmallows and wine.

And Noah said unto God:



We got probably a foot of snow last night, and there’s more forecast for today, plus wind. As long as we don’t lose power, we’re golden. A house full of food (and wine, don’t forget the wine), diapers, and videos. I have checked the mommy guilt at the door and it’s video day for the boys. Maybe A and I will make cookies this afternoon. Oh, and snow shoveling. Gee, don’tja wish you were here with me? ; )


  1. Jen

    You can have it! Both of ya! LOL We haven’t had this kind of snow in years. I haven’t seen this kind of snow since I was a wee one growing up in Chicago! So much snow that we have to be careful where we shovel the snow from the driveway or we’ll lose line of sight as we back out the cars! LOL

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