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Building community
Building community

Building community

Are you a fan of Quaker on Facebook? Yes, as in oatmeal. I mentioned that I went to the Oatmeal Fest this weekend and now the pictures are up on the Facebook site. Yeah, swing on by, take a gander, you can’t miss me. Look for the tall woman in a purple coat. Please do not mistake me for Barney; according to my sons he’s either dead or in prison. I am not going to try to talk them out of that belief.

I’ve decided that I want to start building a stronger community here. See all those awesome words up in the header? If you’re in a reader, humor me, click through. Ok, now see all the awesome words in the header? Any of them resonate with you? Hooray! Community! Now look left…no, your other left (geeze, it’s marching band flashback time!)…see the new BlogFrog community badge? See how sad it is with no one listed in it? Sad, sad badge. After you comment here and tell me just how beeeyuuutiful I looked in the Quaker picture (yeah, even I’m gagging now), click through and join my Chaos Community. Start your own. Link to mine, I’ll link to yours (like two little boys showing each other their…but I digress). Happy, happy badge.

For awhile I’ve felt as though my online community has shifted from this little writing project to Facebook and while I don’t mind that in the slightest, I’m hoping to bring a little lovin’ back here. I’m working to comment more on others’ blogs (though you’d never know it if you looked at my reader: 270 and counting…stop writing! Let me catch up!), and bring back that cozy feeling of community. I sense that many of us are more open and honest writing than anywhere else.

So there ya have it. Clicky clicky. Build community. Linky linky. And you know what I get to go do now? I know you’re going to be soo jealous. Wii Fit, because I didn’t make it to the rec center today and I’m afraid I’m creating a butt groove in this chair. A hard, wooden kitchen chair. Be gentle, oh Wii Fit animated dude, don’t yell at me. You’re freaky enough, don’t go all Jillian on me. I might cry.


  1. Sweet idea! I actually had the same thought a few weeks back, but haven’t had the energy to add the community thing yet. Some blogs have a HUGE community, and it’s nice. I guess I’m afraid to open a community and have no one join! 🙁 My readership has dropped off quite a bit as Facebook emerged on people’s radar. Oh well. I’ll join your community! 🙂

  2. I’ll be sure to ‘hustle bunnies’ right on over there!

    (BTW I’ve been seriously slacking in the blogging department since November– just for you! Hurry and catch up on your Reader I may have something to say! Nevermind, the feeling has passed…)

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