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edit: After writing this and posting it, I dug into my blog and discovered to my great joy that today is my Blogiversary! Happy Blogiversary to me! I feel good that this post landed on my blogiversary, it bodes well for the year. I can’t believe I’ve had this little online hobby for a year. Time flies…

Well, I finally figured out my word.


I’m going to work with this word instead of fighting it. I am not good with change, never really have been. You don’t want to be around me if we’re moving. I don’t like moving (though that might have something to do with the fact that the last two moves we did were in torrential downpours after a long drought, but that’s neither here nor there). Finishing the basement last summer was tough; I’m pretty sure a kitchen remodel would kill me today. I like “a place for everything and everything in its place.” That doesn’t so much work when there are younguns around.

So when I say “change”, I don’t necessarily mean “to change myself”, though that is included in the definition. I mean “to better cope with change” and “if you don’t like it, don’t whine, change it!” Many variations of the definition involved here.

For example. Tom and I are pretty socially isolated. I don’t know that happened, but it did. He works from home, I work from home, suddenly we don’t have a whole lot of friends. In college we were content to just be together, neither one of us liked to go out drinking or partying. Then we got married and moved around a bit, then we had kids and were too tired. And now we’re looking around and realizing that we barely have people to watch our kids in an emergency and we certainly don’t have a group of friends that we get together with on a semi-regular basis. (Note: friends reading this who we get together with occasionally, you guys live umpteen miles away, I don’t mean you!). So I can mope about not having any friends around, or I can invite people over. Duh.

Change also involves “get myself healthy” ’cause ice cream isn’t a food group (and I blame my hubby here; I never ate ice cream until I married him), and I have a feeling my body is just about done giving me any slack.

Better coping with change will be tough.

I’m sure there will be many, many more definitions of change this year. It’s my word. There will be a lot of thinking about it, a lot of dealing with it. There was a lot of change in 2006 and I think I could have handled a lot of it better than I did. This year will bring about even more, including A in full-day school and J in half-day preschool (hark! hear the hallelujahs?). Just today J started pre-pre-school (hey, call it what you like, he’s in school and thrilled).

So I’m stepping out of my comfort zone, that warm and comfy place that is shaped like my happy little (!) butt.

I need to do it.

It’s all good. : )

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