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Confession is good for the soul
Confession is good for the soul

Confession is good for the soul

I went through my most recent posts just now and noticed a bit of a theme. Tired. Oh-so-tired. Not many posts, but nearly all mention my ongoing exhaustion. For longer than I realized. Hm. I think I might be tired, which is why I haven’t posted as much as I’d like. By the time I finally get to writing, I’m so wiped that I just turn off the computer and crash….something that hasn’t happened in quite awhile. Hopefully I’ll get answers soon.

Now, hoping that a whole lot of crazy doesn’t come spilling out, a post of confessions.

  • Apparently my WTF exhaustion has made  my brain stupid. I received a notice from our insurance company that the policies for both of our cars had been canceled and I kinda sorta freaked out. Swung by the office to figure out what had happened and to pay the premiums. Duh. I misread the notice. Premiums are due next week.
  • We have a large hole under our front (cement) porch. We have a bunny problem. We noticed aforementioned bunnies hiding in the aforementioned hole. I am thinking of borrowing my neighbor’s power washer and clear out the bunny hutch. Please don’t call PETA.
  • A had an appointment with his ADHD doc this morning (hooboy that’s a post in and of itself). Getting back into the MomVan I couldn’t find my cellphone. After tearing apart my car, my purse, and my increasingly foggy brain, I walked around to the driver’s side…to find my cellphone on the ground. I was sadly disappointed that a side trip to the Apple store for a new toy was not to be. And…now my phone has just slipped between the couch cushions all the way to the floor and I can’t reach it. Shucky-darn.
  • NASA, I’m so sorry the shuttle launch has been delayed five times now. I know it’s because we had tix for the original launch date AND we’re Cubs fans. I’m so sorry.
  • Some friends of ours (with guidance from a favorite teacher) from A’s former school are starting a Core Knowledge charter school in a nearby district. Like…across the highway nearby. I’m keeping my eye on it. While I like his current school, I love the Core Knowledge curriculum and the fact that classes would be smaller. And would go through high school.
  • I missed a conference call last week because I can’t figure out time zones. I then added a time zone clock to my Vista sidebar and I’m now easily distracted by it. Hey! Something shiny!
  • After a great deal of consideration, deep thought, and mental wrangling…I have to confess that I really hated the series finale of Battlestar Galactica.

One final confession. If I don’t get the results of my blood draw for Ye Olde Thyroide tomorrow, I will lose my mind. What’s left of it.


  1. Ah yes, the Thyroid of DOOM. I’ve been feeling way more tired than my daily activities would dictate and have been putting off the dreaded trip to the doctor for the test. I keep telling myself its the heat. Or, that I’m lazy. In reality, I probably could use a small dose of the Synthroid and all would improve. We are in the same boat, is what I’m saying. Sea-sickness bags are to the right and left of the center 🙂

    Hang in there!

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