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Crap times 2
Crap times 2

Crap times 2

We’ve all been there. Had that moment of complete, white-hot clarity that you.screwed.up. You know the kind of screw-up. Coming in waaay after curfew to find your parents sitting in the darkened living room (never happened to me, honestly). Getting caught cheating on a test (nope, haven’t done this either). Being pulled over for speeding (this I have experience with). Today I had both boys in the car, tearing down a hill, lost in my own little world (ironic that I was trying to figure out who might watch them next week when I have to go to court for the damn accident that was not my fault). 61 in a 35. A 6 point ticket. I’m screwed.

In more amusing news, Tom and I just performed a colonoscopy on our dryer vent system. Clean as a whistle. So somebody tell me why the damn dryer quits working?


  1. cursingmama

    Lets see:
    Out past curfew – check
    Test cheater – no check
    Speeder – check

    Actually my worst screw up came with the police too and failing to stop at a stop sign – about as bad as your ticket. you have my sympathy…

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