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Thrice cursed
Thrice cursed

Thrice cursed

I, unfortunately, suffer from the T curse (where T=my maiden name). It’s a three-pronged curse, apparently only afflicting “T”s and those around them. I grew up with this curse, my brother grew up with it, and our poor spouses are suffering as well.

1) If you are leaving for a trip or long excursion of errands, you will return to the house at least once for something critical to the trip. This includes a cell phone when you’re expecting a call, sun glasses on a brightly sunny day, or the diaper bag when the toddler has diarrhea. The importance of the item(s) is directly proportional to how late you are or how far you have to drive. My brother and I became quite accustomed to driving around the block as kids, and now my boys are getting used to that as well. This is the main section of the T curse.

2) When you want nothing more than a pleasant meal (this is usually on a Friday or Saturday night), you will find yourself driving or walking from restaurant to restaurant, looking for a place that has less than a forty-five minute wait. Of course, the longer you do this, the longer the wait times are. The length of time of this “game” is directly proportional to how hungry you are and/or how many starving children you have in tow. Bonus points if you continue to pay for parking as you drive from place to place. Eventually you go home and pop a frozen pizza into the oven. Tom thought I was kidding about this part of the curse until he experienced it first-hand with my parents. Thank GOD it was B.C. (before children).

3) Because of the T curse, I am a rainmaker when in the outdoors. We went camping a lot when I was a kid, and I’d say it rained 80% of the trips. One memorable trip included a tornado, which I slept through. In a tent. We’re going camping with friends in August and I’ve already warned them that it will rain. Colorado should hire me to camp in drought areas. Yesterday we went hiking in the Rocky Mountain National Park, a trip promised to A for a week. Yup, it rained. Then snowed. Then poured. The possibility of precipitation is directly proportional to how long ago you promised the outdoor trip. Therefore, the August trip will produce a monsoon.

Just a little service announcement on a Monday morning. Watch out if you’re traveling with me, dining with me, or camping with me. You too will be cursed.


  1. Karin

    Oh I think number 1 is just a side effect of being a harried mom – trying to remember all the baby’s accoutrements, the baby and the grocery list, etc. and thus forgetting something else – like the cell phone which I do quite often. The other two, though….I think those are all yours…lol!

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