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Dear (hack) (cough) (snort)
Dear (hack) (cough) (snort)

Dear (hack) (cough) (snort)

Dear So and So...

Mommy's Idea

Dear Virus From Hell That Seems To Have Taken Up Permanent Residence In My Body,
You’re not welcome here. It’s been ten days; either knock me out cold for a few days or leave. This dragging on is wearing thin. And now Tom has it too, as well as a possible recurrence of shingles. I haven’t been to the rec center since you arrived, and I’d kinda like to go back. I like lifting weights and I miss it. However, going now would certainly result in my head tumbling off my neck and rolling around the running track. That is a hazard to the other guests, and so I stay home, hacking and snurfling and cursing you.
Giving up NyQuil because the hangover from red wine is considerably less,

Dear Tom,
I know you’re sick. I know you’re under a lot of stress. But I truly thought you were going to spontaneously combust the other night. Perhaps it was the NyQuil borking with my perspective,  but the fact you didn’t burst into flame was actually a surprise. I could actually see it happening, was waiting for it, actually. Glad you’ve stepped away from that precipice. And today’s crack about “isn’t cold and flu sex supposed to be really hot?” was truly funny. But, alas, no, it is not. Unless one of the participants has a fever. I know we get two and a half glorious hours alone in our house tonight, but unless we both suddenly knock this virus, it’s going to be pizza, movies, and cough syrup.
Love and kisses,

Dear summer camps,
Please have openings. I know I’m several weeks behind schedule in getting the boys registered, but I really need them in camps this summer. They certainly won’t be all day every day, but for the sanity of the home, they gotta get out of the house. I’m a much better mom when they have activities for which I am not solely responsible. And our travel this summer consists of driving to Iowa for a wedding and then on to Chicago…right at the very beginning of the break. It’s going to be a very busy summer for me, and they need to be occupied.
Please take my money and my sons,

Dear sweet new computer,
I love you. Still haven’t named you, but know that you are my very favorite computer ever. I love how you don’t crash, I love how you’re so speedy and efficient, I love that my stress level has gone down since you entered my life. I think I may have even lost a few inches around my waist. You’re so pretty and special.
Love every one of your circuits,


Dear #gtchat,
You’re starting now and I need to hop on. I love how much I learn every week and the connections I make. It’s a wonderful resource and one I do not like to miss. Thus I have finished here.
Off to chat with my tribe,

Have a great weekend, and be sure to visit the other participants in Dear So and So and Friday Fragments!


  1. Yay, she did a post! I can’t stand that I’m missing so many gtchats. Or maybe I should say it makes me GD mad that I’m missing so many GT chats? Anyway, people not involved with GT chats seem to think I just sit around on Fridays at noon waiting for their glorious input. Like Youngest. Or like the phone call I got today right at that time. Ugh.

  2. Hahaha, I love your letter to your hubby 🙂 I’m curious if there’s ANYTHING that shuts a libido off? No? OK, just checking.

    Sorry about the sickness, I had one two weekends ago and while the main symptoms skedaddled quick (well, 6 days) I’m still exhausted all the time. No fun.

    Hope you magically heal up in time for tonight! Or..depending on your preferences..right at the end of the 2.5 solitary hours! 😉

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