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Dial “M” for…
Dial “M” for…

Dial “M” for…

Robin at Around the Island was doing an alphabet meme on “L” this week. It sounded like fun, I asked if I could come over and play, she gave me “M”. I have to come up with 10 things that start with the letter “M”.

1. Mom. This pretty much describes me at this point in my life. Around my sons, I have no identity. I am “A’s mom,” or “J’s mom.” I could really be a astronaut-cowgirl-heart surgeon-princess, but when I’m with them I’m “mom.” And I’m pretty good with that. For now.

2. Musician. Being a mom is the love of my heart, but being a musician is the love of my soul. No, I didn’t come up with something so profound, though I wish I had. I read that somewhere years ago and it rang so true with me that I can’t shake it. I wrote about being a musician back in January. I’ve picked up my flute maybe twice since I wrote that. I try not to think about it, just have faith that I will return. For when someone asks me what I do, if I don’t answer “mom,” I answer “musician.”

3. Memories. I scrapbook for many reasons. For the creativity it allows me, for the friendships it has brought me, but mainly to record the memories of today. I record them for future generations, but also for me. Alzheimer’s Disease runs pretty strongly in my family and I don’t know for sure that it won’t hit me when I get older. If I can’t tell my story later, then I’ll record them now so others can read them back to me as a bedtime story.

4. Mediator. When the boys are grown and out of the house, I may offer up my services to the U.N. Geeze Louise.

5. Meditate. I need to do more of this. I feel better when I take a little time to quiet myself, you’d think I’d carve out time for it. I once read a great quote (I think it was from “Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ’s Childhood Pal“…hysterical book): prayer is talking to God, meditation is listening for His answer. Something to think about.

6. My Mojo. The reports of its untimely demise were greatly exaggerated.

7. Ma’am or Mrs. If I get “ma’amed” or “Mrs.ed” one more time, my head is going to spin around three times and fall off. I’m too young to be a “ma’am.” The only time I want to hear “ma’am” is if it preceded by “May I see some ID please?”

8. Mountains. The reason we moved here, the reason we stayed, and the reason we’ll never leave.

9. Mathematics. The #1 reason I am thrilled I am no longer in school.

10. Metabolism. What I think is totally FUBAR in my life and hopefully will get fixed this week. Please oh please.

Just a little light entertainment on an unGodly hot day on the Front Range. If you want to play, leave me a comment and I’ll give you a letter. Leave me a really good comment, and I won’t give you “X.” ; )

Whaddya think?

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