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I guess I rock!
I guess I rock!

I guess I rock!

This weekend Tendril’s Ink awarded me a Rockin’ Girl Blogger Award! Thank you! It was a long and very very hot weekend, and getting a cool award was the highlight…along with Tom cooking a private dinner for two for when the boys were in bed Saturday night.
So now I’m to award this to five rockin’ girl bloggers myself. A word of warning: my computer, with all of my bookmarks, is still in the shop (and it occurred to me this weekend that this is a holiday week and it may take even longer to return to my loving embrace). I am a lazy blogger and often forget to update my blogroll on my site, which is where I’m getting my ideas for my five. I know I’m going to forget a blog I really wanted to add, so please forgive me and my laziness. ; )
To Cursing Mama, who I have read for a while now. Her tag line used to be, “teaching my kids the English language one colorful word at a time.” I loved that. She’s like visiting a great friend for a cup of coffee and knitting, though I don’t knit.
To Karen at I am not left-handed. She’s a big-name scrapbooker/designer, but I love her because she is wet-your-pants funny. So are her kids (twins, no less). And our sons, though they are 3 years apart in age, could seriously join forces and take over the world. Oh, and she’s also a Coloradan.
To Karen at PediaScribe. I found her through a long, meandering path. Her husband, Dr. Mike, has a pediatrician podcast (PediaCast…search for it on iTunes, it rocks). I checked out his blog. Turned out Karen wrote most of it. Now it’s essentially hers and Dr. Mike guest blogs from time to time. She is a (former?) nurse, now homeschooling her two kids and being a rocking girl blogger. And, seriously, check out the Pediacast blog. It’s something I really wish I had had when A was born. Now that my boys are past the “why is he crying, sweet Lord make it stop, they say try earplugs but he won’t swallow them and I’m so tired I can see through time!” stage and into the “Cain and Abel” stage, the nursing and vaccination questions don’t really apply. I still get a lot out of it, and eventually when my brain functions again, I’ll be able to form some valid questions and send them in.
To Sarah at Unplug Your Kids. Anyone who not only has no TV, but actively teaches her kids cool stuff instead of tossing them in the basement with the Legos and Hot Wheels (my non-tv activities of choice), is a rockin’ girl blogger in my book.
And, finally, to Michelle at scribbit. She is the writer (notice I said writer, not just blogger) I want to be. Her writing is always well thought-out, her posts are never boring, and she is friendly to boot.
Now, just so you all know, this post took roughly a year and a half to write. I type fast, and my wheezing laptop does not like it. So I either have to slow waaaay down or type fast and delete back to fix the errors/letters the laptop skipped. In the time it took me to write this, J has peed in the potty twice and pooped once (he’s running around nekkie today…it’s potty training time and since it’s going to be 100+ degrees today, it’s a good time to be running around nekkid). Tom has come down for two cups of coffee and I have slugged down another 16 ounces of water. The construction site behind me has become a school and we’ve discovered life on other planets. Sigh…

Whaddya think?

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