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Did you know…
Did you know…

Did you know…

*Really and truly I am an optimist. A optimistic realist, perhaps, but an optimist nonetheless. As insanely crazed as I get…and that’s a lot…I still tend to think things will work out for the best. Eventually.

*Apparently I’ve lost my mind and found a time machine; I’ve volunteered for a potentially large and awesome project. You know, because I haven’t anything to do. And I couldn’t be more excited.

*I’ve just about decided to say to hell with the holidays. They’ll go on without me, of that I have no doubt. I’m pretty sure there will be celebrations of all sorts even if I “forget” to decorate or bake or send cards.

*I’ve conceded 2011 to Murphy and his Little Law of Doom. I may also offer up a sacrifice to 2012, because four years of an increasingly screwed up life would just be wrong.

*In four days we will make the trek to Iowa for all things Thankful. I’m thankful the drive will only be 8 hours, instead of the 14 to which we became accustomed.

*This afternoon I dug out my desk. I did not find any missing persons, but they are likely in the garage full of things we have yet to unpack. But I found bills. And more paperwork that needs to be filled out. Um, yay?

*Massage therapy is a beautiful thing. Until you have a raging headache from the toxins fighting to escape. And then take the boys Christmas shopping for their cousins. Then massage therapy is of the devil.

*I have a velcro dog. She is attached to my hip whenever I am in the house. I cannot get up to put my plate in the sink without her jumping up to keep me in sight. She likes to walk ascloseaspossibletome at all times. She really likes to walk verrrry slooooowly in front of me while looking over her shoulder to make sure I’m still there. I’ve taken to kicking her out of my way, and it’s only a matter of time before the volatile combination of short dog + tall me + crappy trifocals + stairs = long term traction-focused hospital stay.

*I’m considering a mid-life crisis. But then I’d have to admit I’m at mid-life, so maybe a third-life crisis?

*My iPhone is not long for this world. I’m going to kill it if it bricks again in the middle of a phone call. I don’t have a landline, it’s all I got.

*Realized this morning that I’ve known Tom for half my life. And then my trifocals and I went and bought support hose and an AARP magazine. And a pack of Freedent gum.

*Bedtime harshes my mellow. Like…stabs it on a stick, roasts it over flame, and sucks out the innards. Wait. That’s toasting my mallow. My bad.

It’s Saturday night. Time for something. Or something else. Or maybe some of that other thing.

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