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DNC in Denver, day three
DNC in Denver, day three

DNC in Denver, day three

Hoooo-eeee! Hillary gave the speech of a lifetime last night. Impressive. She said exactly what she needed to say and it was good to hear.

Now, if tonight’s speeches go as well (yeah, I’m looking at you, Billy Boy), I’ll be able to breathe again.

I can’t understand how the polls are still so tight. I answered polling questions today, so I’m sure my opinion will make the difference. I’ll try not to break my arm patting myself on the back.

In other news, I’m still laptopless. I’m getting the shakes and have a sick tightening in the back of my throat. I have so much on that thing and rely on it so much…I’m not worried about losing any data, since I subscribe to an online backup service, but I need that info now. Phone numbers, emails that were on there when I took it in…you name it, it’s on there. Geek Squad said it might be ready tonight, but to expect tomorrow.

In still other news, I’m about to throttle my darling husband. I started to research office space lease costs and about had a stroke. Maybe alimony and child support is cheaper. Learn from me, my darlings. If your husband has the opportunity to work from home, talk him out of it. Especially if he’s a perfectionist workaholic with stress issues. ‘Cause you’re not gonna wanna do 20-life after smothering him with a pillow as he sleeps.

Finally, we passed on the puppy we met with last week. She just wasn’t the right fit for us. On paper she was perfect, but my gut was telling me it wouldn’t work. So after a bunch of research, we went with my gut. Misty is going to be the perfect dog for someone, but not us. Too high energy and I already have my hands full training the boys. Maybe a guinea pig. Or fish. Or a talking parrot…though God only knows what that poor parrot would learn from me!

Tomorrow: another day with the boys in school. Huzzah!


  1. Yes, her speech was just what it needed to be. As I type this, the Democratic party has just officially nominated its first ever black candidate for President of the United States. I have never been more proud or more hopeful. I envy you your proximity to that wondrous event!

  2. I’m so lame. You are lame too. Why why why am I sitting at my computer on such an important day? I am sooooo jealous of everyone downtown. We should have planned this better. I thought I’d be happier here at home. I thought I’d watch it all on youtube and tv. I thought it would be a mess downtown. And where would we park? How would we get home? AND WHY DOES NONE OF THAT MATTER NOW? WHY AREN’T WE DOWNTOWN WITH EVERYONE ELSE? WE ARE LAME! WE ARE SUPPOSED TO BE THERE. YOU AND ME. ME AND YOU! I’M SO REGRETTING NOT GOING!!!!!

  3. Jen, after typing the last comment I left my house, got on a bus and went downtown. Ended up getting tickets (not easy) to the convention and THEN got invited (again not easy) to sit on the FLOOR!!!! It was amazing!!!! I’ll tell you about it when I’m awake…it is almost 1:00 am…I’m exhausted!

  4. My wife runs her accounting business from our house. She is the perfectionist and I am, well, not. Definitely not. Everything in it’s place means to me anywhere I happen to put it. Needless to say, I stay out of her office. That way she has control over at least part of the madness we call a home.

  5. You are a smart lady for passing on that puppy. We didn’t follow our gut and got a terror of a dog. We ended up having to send her back when she was about 9 months old.

    Oh, and one of the “perks” of dh’s new job is that he’ll be “home more.”

    Yeah, maybe a perk for him!

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