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The DNC in Denver, day two
The DNC in Denver, day two

The DNC in Denver, day two

Well, we chickened out and didn’t take the boys down into Denver today. Too much chaos and uncertainty to feel comfortable taking them. If it was just the two of us, we would have been down there in a heartbeat, if for no other reason than to watch Rachel Maddow mop the floor with Pat Buchanan. That’s always fun to watch. So we didn’t go.

Instead, we were treated to overtired little boys melting down after we dragged them in from the playground to bed. Betcha wish you were me, right? But there is a speech tonight….who is it, who is it again? Ah, yes, Hillary. She has quite the mountain ahead of her this evening. Not only does she have to mend some seriously damaged fences and create some heartfelt goodwill, but she’s following Michelle Obama’s speech of last night. Michelle’s speech last night was…wow…fantastic. It was exactly what she needed to do, what she needed to say. And it was a pleasure to hear the speech.

I am still laptopless. And I have realized just how dependant I am on that little piece of machinery. It is my brain. How sad. But I am truly having a tough time focusing and planning for my day/week without that thing. It’d better be ready tomorrow or the shakes will start up soon.

In other great news, I am an aunt again. Tom’s brother and wife had a little boy this afternoon. And we laughed, heartily. For they will get to witness what it is like to have brothers in the house. {insert evil cackle here} It’s one thing to be the brothers, it’s something else entirely to be the parents of those brothers.

I should really sign them up for a wine of the month club.


  1. husband and I drove through the downtown area yesterday — just to see things — but we went during a “down” time. You can’t get anywhere near the pepsi center by car anyhow (I did hear they opened Speer today?) but you can go all around civic center and through a lot of the downtown streets, which offers a view of the mall — it was quiet, the mall was crowded, civic center was abuzz, but otherwise rather uneventful. However — if I had little ones with me while driving amongst the fleets of riot gear ready police and shouting protestors, I probably would have felt uncomfortable.

    no wine of the month club, are you kidding — buy them some noisy assed toy that the kids will fight over!

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