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I have had a craptastic 6 hours. I cannot and will not go into any details here, but I’m going to rant and rave a wee bit so I can actually sleep tonight.

I am a very loyal person. Once you are in my heart, you are there for good. I am a loyal and dedicated friend, member of an organization, you name it. But…

If you screw with me, or mislead me, or lie to me…don’t. You don’t want to do that. You just don’t.

And if it deals with one of my sons, you’d better fracking change your address, ’cause Momma Bear just might come a’visiting.

I must now go to bed. I fear Momma Bear is going to need her energy for what is shaping up to be one hell of a week.


  1. I’m sorry for whatever it is that happened that brought out Mamma Bear. When it comes to our kids, though, I totally get it. Don’t f@ck with us!! I hope that after sleeping on it, you feel a little better about things tomorrow. At least a little calmer, anyway. I’m a little scared for whoever it was dumb enough to cross you! 😉

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