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Mornings are tough around here. I’m trying to get myself cleaned up, trying to get A focused enough for school (including his listening therapy), and trying to keep J from antagonizing his brother. All without coffee.

So today I opened up my email to distract myself from the chaos and found the most eye-opening, jaw-dropping (really, I gotta knock off the jaw-dropping…I have enough things going on without having to gum all my food for the next month), day-making news:

I’m a MOST Honorable Mention at Scribbit’s April Write-Away Contest. To say I am honored, thrilled, stunned…you get the idea…is the understatement of the year. The post I submitted is here, about my love of my library.

I sat, stunned, reading that I was chosen as an Honorable Mention…and was quickly brought back down to earth by a full cup of orange/pomegranate juice flying onto the floor, followed very closely by the tumbling and spilling of the Rice Krispies box, and the vocal stylings of two little boys singing along to XM Kids. Ahh…mornings.

So if you’re here from Scribbit’s site, welcome. Curl up and stay awhile. Have some coffee (I’ll only stand over your shoulder and sniff the aromatic deliciousness). Leave a comment. Welcome.


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