Mar 09 2012

Doubting Jen

It’s the Week of Doubts, here in the House of Chaos. I doubt I can homeschool, I doubt I’m going to ever bring in anything resembling a paycheck, I doubt my sanity.

Over at An Intense Life today, I have big ugly doubts about A’s giftedness. Gifted? Creative? Divergent thinker? All of the above? None of the above? So hard to tell sometimes. Come weigh in.

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  1. Benoit

    Doubts are made upon assumptions about the future or what you do not know.
    You’re making beliefs on assumptions that are not true (even if they could not be false). So, stop making your minds on what’s unreal and just live the reality, Jen.
    Believe in you, don’t give a f# !!!
    You need some f# metal ;-))))
    Have you ever thought about what a rock-star is ?
    Jen, let’s be a rock-star and, please, rock your world !



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