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If you see a full moon, watch out for huge cosmic jokes
If you see a full moon, watch out for huge cosmic jokes

If you see a full moon, watch out for huge cosmic jokes

I learned late this evening that there was a full moon up there smirking at the world, and a whole lotta things came into focus. I really should have some sort of Full Moon Klaxon Horn of Doom on my phone or laptop. For a change, it wasn’t the boys scaling the walls or their heads doing 360s, but me and my issues that did me in. If I’d known it was a full moon I would have done a better job getting my crazy on.

This afternoon I learned that our school district is changing its gifted education program. (I’m going to hope that I can write this without bawling, because I’ve failed at that so far today). The district has realized that a stand-alone program in a separate school for 4th and 5th grade is not in the best interests of the students or the district, and so will provide gifted services in all four elementary schools for grades 3-5 beginning in the fall. Gifted programs will be available for math and/or reading and language arts, as well as enrichment in other subjects. There will be teachers equipped to work individually with students at the pace they flourish, within the classroom or in pullouts with other gifted students.

Well. Shit.

I’m still kinda speechless over this, and wondering if it’s some sort of cosmic joke. I searched for a house in Illinois for six months to find a school district that might be able to accommodate A and his incredible complexity. We ended up in a community we love, with great neighbors, in a house that needs an unholy amount of work. We cannot afford to renovate any time soon because of the combined hell of the economy and losing our shirts selling our home in CO. We ended up pulling A from school because the school was unable to accommodate his incredible complexity and we were losing him. I had to quit my job to homeschool. And now the district has changed its gifted education program to something that would have had better than average odds of helping him through school. To be with other quirky gifted wiring peeps, even if not in the same classes, to have had gifted pullout opportunities in reading and language arts…it would have made all the difference in the world. To read this at the end of what was a less than stellar homeschool day about killed me.

So if you think the universe is pranking you, just check. I’ll bet there’s a full moon smirking down on you too.


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