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My brain…my brain is dripping out my ears and pooling on the floor.

The A formerly known as “home sick from school” is outside running around like a madman (it’s 68 degrees right now; and 4-6 inches of fluffy goodness tomorrow! Oh yay).

Tom had such “a day” at work that he’s walking around in a daze. He’s now running an errand, aka “holy crap, tomorrow is Valentine’s Day!”

And I…I have spent the last four hours doing our taxes. No, that’s not entirely correct. I don’t do our taxes, I simply gather up all pertinent information, stick numbers where I think they’re supposed to be in the tax organizer our tax preparer sent us, curse a lot, and send it off. That is what I did this afternoon, except for the sending it off part. Sweet Jeebus, let us have a refund, I’m going to need a cork to keep my brains in. Sigh…


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