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It’s always darkest before Spring
It’s always darkest before Spring

It’s always darkest before Spring

Well. Here we are, not even halfway through February. Stiff upper lip and all that. It’s going to be a delicious 60 degrees today here on the Front Range…and 4-6 inches of snow by tomorrow morning. Can’t go out and enjoy the gorgeous weather because A is home sick today. This child rarely gets sick. In fact, when he was but a tot I would hope and pray he’d come down with a mild bug, just so he’d slow down a bit. Bad mommy, I know. But the kid was at about 75mph whenever he was awake and he exhausted me. Still does, but I have better coping mechanisms now (bwahahahahaha….riiiiiight). So today he has a ongoing cough and schnurks instead of blowing his nose (note to his future wife: I am so sorry, I tried, really I did). I kept him home and dosed him with Benadryl. He’s crashed on the couch, no tv or computer today. He’ll get some rest before J gets home from preschool, then the games will resume. You know the games. The “run around the kitchen 5k,” the “American Idol screaming contest,” and the “dump all the toys on the floor and swear there’s nothing to play with as mom’s left eye stars to twitch uncontrollably obstacle course.” Fun times, fun times.

Everything is dull and lifeless in February. Multiple shades of taupe outside the window…and that’s just the houses! Ba-dum-dum. I’ll be here all week, folks, try the veal! Sigh… I see why bears hibernate. I’d love to hibernate through February. Every day it’s harder to haul myself out of bed. I’m not tired, I’m sleepy. I’m soooo over the whole tired thing; the thyroid meds have slapped that around and I feel better. I’m sleepy. I just want to sleep.

Anyone else feeling this way? I’m sure I’m not the only one. And I know for a fact that I get more sun here in the winter than a lot of other places. So what do you do to chase away the February blahs?


  1. We moved to a place where the Feb blahs are a lot easier to handle – they come interspersed with blue skies and good picnic weather ;-).

    I hope A’s feeling better soon. Itai’s sick too (on his birthday no less) and is completely miserable.

  2. Hope A’s better soon. They’re so pathetic when they’re sick.

    And snow?! Is 4-6 inches significant for Colorado? Or is that just a ‘little’ bit?

    To beat the Feb. blahs, which is what I have today (no sun and I know, I know, I don’t have any room to complain) I buy myself a nice bottle of wine. Wine cures everything. I hope you stocked up on it, too, when you were getting your milk!

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