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Executive decision
Executive decision

Executive decision

I hearby decree, this thirty-first day of July, in the Year of our Lord 2008, that any and all profits from my home-based business this next calendar year will be earmarked for the sole purpose of Summer Camps 2009. Any monies found on the floor, between the couch cushions, or in the backseat of a friend’s car, will be appropriated for the sole purpose of Summer Camps 2009. Any monies found in the washer, on the street, or from the sale of my kidneys/platelets/eggs, will also be set aside for the sole purpose of Summer Camps 2009.

So say we all.


Two weeks. Just two more weeks. I can make two more weeks without leaving them in a ditch. Especially since next week is MY WEEK. Both boys have church camp from 9-3 every.single.day. Then three days with me, then I’m off to Minnesota for four days, then school starts. I can do this. I’m not going to leave them in a ditch, though I may consider a trade with a door-to-door salesman.

It doesn’t help that it’s ungodly hot. Today we are going to smash a 107 year-old record of number of July days above 90. It’s supposed to be in the upper 90s, lower 100s for the foreseeable future. You know when the weather will break and it’ll suddenly cool off and rain? Monday. ‘Cause that’s when work starts on our white trash patio. It’ll come out of nowhere, ’cause Murphy and his little Law will check his calendar and realize he hasn’t screwed with me enough and hey! let’s go mess up the patio improvements.

It may be quiet here the next few days. My in-laws are coming this afternoon for a visit. They don’t know about this little writing experiment, and I’d like to keep it that way. I’m positive I’ve never said anything negative about them (though I may have written a few things about how the year we lived in Iowa was the longest.year.of.my.life.), but it would be like flouncing around naked.


  1. Ok, Where Was I?

    Since I’m new here I haven’t read about your Iowa year, but that comment about it being the longest of your life still made me snicker. If I had to live near my kids’ other grandparents I’d lose it. Luckily they pretend we don’t exist and all is well with the universe.

  2. There is nothing like the feeling of coming home to an empty house in the middle of the summer. It is a beautiful thing when you can wipe the kitchen counters & know they will stay that way. It is fantastic when you can buy a 12 pk of Diet Coke on Monday and still have some in the fridge on Wednesday. It is nirvana when you can eat Cheerios for supper and nobody complains that it tastes nothing like pizza.
    I endorse your camp or bust 2009 plan with gusto.

  3. We just got a new patio. Took – not kidding – 6 weeks to finish because it was a friend doing it and we were restricted to weekends which seem to held exclusively for rain or holidays by mother nature. Got it on Saturday last. Will post pictures.


  4. Well spaced camps are the only way to survive summer. I’m going crazy this week because we don’t have one, and we’re taking our big vacation next week and the kids are REALLY EXCITED and being REALLY SILLY and it’s a little much.

    But you could live in TX, where it will be in the mid 90’s well through October and school doesn’t start until Augustfrickin’ 25.

    Hang in there. We feel your pain.

  5. RC

    Okay, you just reminded me why I’m glad I work outside the home. I think I’m a better mommy (not better than anyone, just better that what I would be) because I work outside the home. Just when I think I can’t handle it, I have my mom or his school to jump in while I go communicate with adults (or people that pretend to be adults, anyway…).

    Oh, I do whine that I would like to be home with him, but then I have these moments – usually after I’ve spent a long stretch being mom, and he isn’t napping, and I’m tired, and the Hubby is off doing his thing, and I just want to cry…

    I’m sure you understand well.

  6. School starts in two weeks?! Really?! Wow. Kids here don’t go back until after Labor Day weekend. Except for the kids way up north – they go back in August, but get two weeks off for the potato harvest in September/October.

    I’m still trying to get my head around this. August? Really? In mid-August? We’re still up to our hips with tourists wanting lobsters and ice cream cones. Who’d scoop ice cream if not high school kids? We old geezers couldn’t do that work any more!

    Enjoy the last of your summer. Temps here are in the 70s and humid as all get-out. Foggy and wet everywhere. Bleah. Got the AC going just so we don’t get mildew in the house. I think I might go put on a sweater.

  7. Being a teacher, I love having the summers off, but then I remember why I can’t wait for school to begin again. My kiddos need to socialize with kids their age, and I need to socialize with 4 year olds, because they understand that I am the boss of them, and they actually enjoy my presence in their life, LOL. My 10 and 12 year old are beginning to think they are the boss of me, and I seem to irritate them. And the heat isn’t helping here either. UGH… Camps are worth it. I may have to start a camp fund too. 😀

    Great Post!

  8. I hear ya! This is the first year we sent my daughter to camp and I wonder why on earth I never did it before. It’s great – we’ve had two weeks of not worrying about what she’s doing – no harassing calls at work all day and she’s having a good time.

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