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Totally unremarkable
Totally unremarkable

Totally unremarkable

Whew, thanks to Mama Zen, I have a post for today. Yesterday’s Viva Las Vegas tribute wore me out. Or was that the heat? So she is curious. A Wednesday isn’t complete without the 6 Quirky, Boring, And Unremarkable Things About Me Meme!! Or something like that…

  1. I canNOT have anything on my thumb nails. The thought of mixing meatloaf and getting mix on my thumbnails makes my throat spasm. I can barely tolerate nailpolish. This made me throw up a little in my mouth.
  2. I know exactly one police officer in my little town and he is the nicest guy. Even when he pulled me over I liked him…and liked him more when he let me off. Found out today that he’s the school resource officer for A’s new school.
  3. I make lists of lists. Please help me.
  4. I must watch Family Guy every night. I can quote it better than Tom. Yes, I realize I’m probably going to hell for this.
  5. I have to have clean countertops and tables. The sink can be a leaning tower of dishes, but the countertop must be clean. I might have a pile of crap below my desk to take care of, but the desktop is clear.
  6. I learned how to “card” open a door in high school. Could always get into the band room.

Ok, taggy time. Let’s see…hmmm…Tiffany at Child’s Play, Karen at Pediascribe (’cause she’s just not busy enough packing to move cross-country!) and Jennie at The Soapdish.


  1. RC


    Don’t tell anyone…

    I kind-of like Family Guy, too…


    Little Dude gets hooked in if he hears the music on the show, and they usually have plenty of music. I’m truly going to hell.

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