Jul 06 2011

Fifteen years is just the first act

Fifteen years ago tonight Tom and I held each other’s hand and jumped into this craziness known as marriage.

Fifteen years ago tonight we knew that it wouldn’t always be easy, but the two of us together could manage pretty much anything.

Fifteen years ago tonight we danced with each other and laughed with our friends and were grateful that we hired an awesome photographer.

Fifteen years ago tonight we watched our wedding cake get all melty and kinda tippy, but didn’t care because it tasted great.

Fifteen years ago tonight we laughed ourselves sick when Tom’s brother caught the garter and his sister caught the bouquet, and both were the next married (but not to each other, this isn’t Appalachia).

Fifteen years ago tonight we laughed over the teeny tiny bugs that got caught in the miles of tulle in my skirt, courtesy of a hot humid July day in central Illinois.

Fifteen years ago tonight we reveled in the music our friends provided for the wedding ceremony; it’s not often that you go to a concert and a wedding breaks out.

Fifteen years ago tonight we had no idea what our future had in store, only that it would be better together.

Fifteen years ago tonight we each married our best friend, and we have rarely only occasionally never regretted it.

Happy Anniversary, my love. Who knows what Act II will bring, but I’m so glad we’ll be creating it together.


(There would be a sweet picture of the two of us here, except I have 15k+ unsorted photos on my hard drive, and all my printed pictures are…say it with me!…in storage. So imagine a younger Tom and a skinnier me looking all fancy and smiley and stuff.)


  1. ChiTown Girl

    Happy Anniversary!!!

    It was pretty brave of you guys to plan a JULY wedding HERE!!! There’s a reason we got married in January. 🙂

  2. Margaret

    Happy Anniversary! Here’s to many more years!

  3. Sheila

    Happy Anniversary to todays Literal Mom! Nice post! I liked the part about the bugs in the tulle, lol. And yes, a good photog? That’s for sure! Happy Day to you both!

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