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Today I’m THE MOM. Literally.
Today I’m THE MOM. Literally.

Today I’m THE MOM. Literally.

Literal Mom

I am the Literal Mom of the day over at Literal Mom. What does this mean? Do I get a tiara, a parade, an entourage? No, nope, and doubtful. I’d go for a shirtless Jamie Bamberpacking my house, but that’s not likely to happen and I’m afraid I am now entirely distracted by that mental image. Ahem. Missy’s description of a Literal Mom is simple:

A Literal Mom doesn’t fit into “one size fits all” parenting. Her sole responsibility is to raise self-reliant kids, and it’s a hard journey. She’s constant vigilance, and worries about the future. She’s love without boundaries, knowing boundaries are necessary in all facets of life. She’s a work in progress, because children and life are works in progress.

So head on over to see what Missy wrote about me. I don’t know yet what she has written…and now I’m wondering if I want to know. Hm.


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