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Flashback Friday: Oops!
Flashback Friday: Oops!

Flashback Friday: Oops!

Now for something completely different!


I’ve had more than my share of “oopsies!” in my life, but I can’t find pictures for most of them. When I slid down the front stairs on the way to a piano lesson and broke my elbow/bruised my tailbone? No picture. When I got my roller skate wheels locked together and oh-so-gracefully flew forward, bending my left hand back to my wrist and spraining it in the process? No picture. When I walked across the floor with my foot asleep to the hip (during a Chicago blizzard, no less) and got the foot caught under me and snapped all the ligaments? No picture.

Just call me Grace.

But I do have a picture of my all-time ever-so-graceful oops, taken when I was four. Hard to top this one.

disney-lost-toothLovely, no? This is a cautionary tale of what not to do. Do not run to the van with your arms inside your shirt. Do not do this at Disney World. Do not fall smack on your face and knock out your front tooth and give yourself a fat lip. Highly recommended that you do not do this.

Or your sons will remind you of it every time you mention the upcoming trip to the World.



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