Jul 06 2010

Fourteen years of marriage is just the opening act

So MacDreamy is at the Mac Hospital with the Geniuses getting a lobotomy a new motherboard. This leaves me with an unexpected load of time on my hands, as most of the important to-dos on the list involved a functioning computer. I briefly considered scrubbing my kitchen cabinets, because after 7 years of benign neglect they are all kinds of ewwwwww, but I quickly came to my senses when I checked out the calendar.

Today’s our anniversary.

Fourteen years of marriage, seven of them in this house, nine with children, the last six weeks with allergies so intense I can barely leave the house. Yeah, I’m bringing sexy back with my nighttime bite guard and my BreatheRight strips and kleenexes littering the bedroom and the constant sneezing and nose blowing and snorking. Oh yeah. You know you want me, I can tell.

But I’m taken, sorry.

I wish I had a cute story about how we met seventeen years ago, but I’ve already told that story. I wish I had a cute picture of us to share, but it’s currently entertaining the Geniuses. And no, there are none of those kinds of pictures on MacDreamy to entertain the Geniuses. That I remember.

Moving on!

We are not going out tonight. Sad, but true. Fourteen is the “slap steaks on the grill and watch a rented movie” anniversary. It’s the “turn over and kiss each other awake with Happy Anniversary wishes” anniversary. It’s the “oh shit, I forgot to buy/make him a card” anniversary. And for the last five years it’s been the “J’s birthday is next week” anniversary. Six years ago it was the “I’m ginormously pregnant and have food poisoning from our celebratory dinner at that Mexican restaurant” anniversary. That was fun. Told you I’m bringing sexy back!

Ten year anniversary we went to Disney World without the boys. I totally recommend all grownups do that, you have infinitely more fun without kids. That’s not to say going with the boys last year was a bad idea, but dang, just the two of us was awesome. Twelve year anniversary was when we renewed our vows with Elvis and eight of our closest friends, four of whom renewed also. Next year…well, no plans yet, but there’s still plenty of time.

Fourteen years. Seems like a lifetime, a blink of an eye, the best decision I ever made.

Happy anniversary sweetie.


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  1. Chelle

    Happy anniversary!

  2. Amber's Crazy Bloggin' Canuck

    Ahhhh, so sweet. Happy anniversary to you both!

  3. ChiTown Girl

    Aww….happy anniversary! Your plans sound pretty darn good to me! Enjoy!

  4. Nancy Campbell

    I love you even more. Elvis renewal? That is the best thing I have ever heard.

  5. Karen

    Happy anniversary!

  6. ella

    Happy anniversary!!!!

  7. Joan

    Eating steaks from the grill and watching a rented movie with the dude you love is much better than fine wine and roses with one you can’t stand anymore. Just saying. Happy anniversary!

  8. JenC

    Happy anniversary!!!

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