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Friday Fragments: The Cobweb Edition
Friday Fragments: The Cobweb Edition

Friday Fragments: The Cobweb Edition

Friday Fragments?

I have cobwebs in my brain. Not the whole thing, just in the nooks and crannies that aren’t easily reached. This blog got kicked into a corner several weeks ago and has sat there, sad and lonely, growing quite the collection of dust bunnies and dog hair clumps. No real reason, it just happened, probably as I was dashing off to do something or other. But now…now I have a dust rag and I’m not afraid to use it! Be afraid, be very afraid.

So help me, if I have one.more.person comment on my purchases at Costco, I’m going Lara Croft on someone’s ass. Today I had not only a fellow customer comment on how much was in my industrial-sized cart, but the checkout dude asked if I was stocking up or had a large family. DUDES! Shut it! Yes, my cart overfloweth today. But let’s look at a few facts, eh? I have two boys still in pullups for overnight. Big box there. I have four people in my family; two work from home, the other two take lunch four days out of five. Of the four people in the family, there are three different diets. I can’t have gluten, A can’t have dairy, and J and Tom are “normal.” I was out of paper towels, toilet paper, dishwasher detergent, cereal, eggs, coffee, sugar, bread, fruit, vegetables, gluten-free flour, juice boxes, soy milk, lunchmeat and cheese, and items for lunch. I hate to grocery shop, so it’s better for me to hit Costco every 4-6 weeks and stock up. Ninety percent of my purchase today was food. The only real splurge? The milk-chocolate covered bing cherries.

Teaching an eight year old to swallow pills is akin to stabbing yourself in the eye repeatedly with a rabid squirrel. Why, oh why, are ADHD meds in do not crush or chew or the mattress police will appear at your door pill form? Their target market is youngish kids, the very ones who cannot swallow pills. Poor A floated to bed tonight after practicing (and failing miserably at) pill swallowing, and I guarandamntee I’ll be washing sheets in the morning, pullup or not. He starts on the Intuniv tomorrow morning and please, Sweet Baby Jesus, let it work.

Have you visited Colorado Bento yet? Denise and I are working on this little project, and it’s been all her all week (Denise, I’m sorry! :(). Colorado Bento, this new design/domain, and HEY! Let’s f*ck with Jen and her exhaustion issues all went live this week and I’m still reeling, trying to keep up. So Denise has taken this idea and run with it, and hopefully I’ll be able to catch her this week. (Hear me universe? Back off! I wanna write!)

I’m starting a book club. You know, because I have nothing else to do with my time. Frankly, I just needed an excuse to get together with girlfriends to chat and drink wine and “book club” sounds sooo much classier than “gonna go drink wine with my girlfriends and gossip.”

The boys love to rake leaves. I love not raking leaves. Heh. I won’t tell if you won’t…

Tom and I are taking a parenting class on raising twice-exceptional children. Finally! A parenting class that actually applies to the cherubs we have! Gasp! Shock! So nice to actually be able to talk about A with other parents who are suffering managing like we are. That said, the reading is pretty heavy and guess what! We’re behind on it. Big surprise.

Know what you get when your husband works 60+ hours a week from home and you work from home and you know it’s only going to get more stressful until June? Infreakingsanity. When you start pondering what kind of paycheck you could earn plus what you might get in alimony, you know it’s time to step away from the edge of the abyss and do something, anything, to change the subject in your brain.

I’m still working with Cathy, my awesome web guru, to fix a few little bugs here and there. I think Robin asked if she still needed to change her feed settings for the new site. Yes, please. Because of the way Google does web tracking (or somethingorother), I purty please need all my devoted readers (all dozen of you) to change your feed readers to the new feed (really and truly it’s different). In the future I have to close down the old Never a Dull Moment site/reader so that Google doesn’t think…oh hell, I have no idea, I just know that Google doesn’t like finding the same content on two sites, figures it’s all spam, and what results is something akin to breaking the space/time continuum, and I know you don’t want to be responsible for that. So, please, change your feed readers, blogrolls, bookmarks, and all those other things we tell our kids didn’t exist when we were their ages. Then tell two friends, and they’ll tell two friends, and…

And what’s this? Back here in this dark recess of my brain, covered in dog hair and ewwww, what is that? That, my friends, is my mojo. A little spit, a little polish, a good night’s sleep and watch out, there’ll be no stopping it.


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  2. Well, it looks like the cobwebs are gone! 🙂

    It’s annoying when people don’t MTOB in the grocery store.

    I was just talking with a student about that swallowing pills thing–It’s a very good question. I’m guessing that pills are time-release, but liquid gets absorbed all at once? Regardless, it stinks. Poor kids.

    I’m glad you have the support of the parenting class; parenting challenging kids is tough.

    Thanks for joining in this week 🙂

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