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Looking ahead
Looking ahead

Looking ahead

Part of my morning routine, once I turn off the two alarm clocks, is to crank up the iPhone and stick it right in my eyes so the glare wakes me up. Not for everyone, I know. I check email, headlines, my actions and calendar for the day, Facebook, and my horoscope. The horoscope is a new thing for me. I’ve never really read it in the paper, except maybe on my birthday, but now it’s part of the “let’s hope the glare wakes me” routine.

The horoscope on Facebook this morning had the option of seeing my Chinese astrological predictions for November. Ok, it’s another minute in bed before hitting the treadmill, let’s see what my Chinese stars are saying. I’m not linking because it has my full name and birthday and I’m just wary enough to not post that. But I’ll cut and paste.


Some breakthrough ideas you have for new methods or initiatives will be resisted by the powers-that-be in the month of November. Don’t fret. The time may not be right for these notions to be implemented. Put your ego in your pocket for now. You can always present those proposals next season when those in control may have moved elsewhere. The times they are a changin’. Nowhere will you notice this so vividly as in your financial sector. Money simply is not plentiful. Cutbacks and layoffs continue to be in the news every day. More companies or government agencies like yours will be merging to save costs and increase production. On the home front, events are moving along smoothly. You won’t be asked to intervene with teachers or upbraid children for their mischief this month. Your health however could use a quick makeover. You have too long let discipline take care of itself. Little by little you may have slipped back into former dietary indiscretions. Reduce your intake of wine and spirits. Stop eating so much meat and return to the recommended regimen of 5 helpings of vegetables and/or fruit per day. Eating food that is still alive and hasn’t been cooked to death will help regulate your digestion. Add music to your life again. You have been too long without it.

Interesting. Certainly had me thinking, which is extremely dangerous for me before coffee. I actually do have some breakthrough ideas right now, but have no intention to act on them just yet. Perhaps next season. Financial sector? Yeah, I already know things are tight and will get tighter over the next 12-18 months, so thanks a lot there, Predictive Ox. Things smooth on the home front? Won’t have to intervene or upbraid children this month? Oh Sweet Baby Jesus, say it’s so! Mama could use a break! Hey, Predictive Ox! My “former dietary indiscretions?” Sounds like I’m having an affair with Little Debbie or something! Wait…what’s that??? “Reduce your intake of wine and spirits.” Are you kidding me? Tell ya what, Predictive Ox, if it’s really true that I won’t have to intervene or upbraid children this month, then the reduction in wine will naturally follow. You do your bit, I’ll do mine. Finally, and this is the one that got me, “add music to your life again. You have been too long without it.” No.Kidding. I’m working on a wicked hard two-minute piece for a December recital and it feels great. I’ve missed it. The hard work, the gentle frustration as I work out a tough lick, the feeling of total accomplishment when I know I’ve rocked it. Tastes great. Thanks Predictive Ox. Sounds like a good November ahead.

Speaking of November, anyone remember what happens in November? Anyone? You in the back? Sorry, didn’t mean to wake you. People! It’s NaBloPoMo!!! I did it last year and didn’t die had so much fun I’m doing it again! A blog post a day keeps the mental cobwebs away. However. I’d love topics to write on, to prime the pump, so to speak. If there’s something you’d love to see me expound upon, leave a comment here and it goes into the queue (I love that word. It’s just a fun word). It will certainly be an interesting month, as we see if A’s new meds kick in well, as we travel to Iowa for Thanksgiving, as we all hurtle towards Christmas like an out of control train.

Now I shall consult my Magic 8 Ball on my next activity…

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