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Friday recognition
Friday recognition

Friday recognition

I’m sick of sitting on top of my cell phone, waiting for the text from Obama and instead getting oh-so-hilarious prank texts from my husband. Doodoohead. So I was thrilled to get a lurvely award from the delightful Mrs. V (who looks remarkably like my mom of 30 years ago) at Don’t put boogers in your neighbor’s cereal (the most amusing blog title I’ve heard in awhile).

Ooh, something shiny! To go with my “something shiny” week! (Seriously, my attention span has been about 30 seco…hey a puppy!)

Sharing the love:

Christina Downloaded. Go give this girl some love. And stay and give her more. She has a very challenging son and needs her peeps.

Cake Wrecks. Okay, I haven’t commented on this blog yet, but I read it and laugh. And who doesn’t like guffawing at pastries gone terribly wrong? Wonder if a cake could be made to look like the blingy award?

Hula Doula. She lives here in Denver and I swear, if I could make things better…let’s recap. An illness, a long-awaited vacation during which she learns her house has completely flooded, a return to a rental home, and cap it off with a very serious car accident (thankfully she and her kids are okay). Go give her some lovin’ too.

And I think I’ll wrap it up there before I give the whole internets a big hug and start singing Kumbaya. Have a great weekend.


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