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The long-awaited patio pics!
The long-awaited patio pics!

The long-awaited patio pics!

See, I come through! And eventually I’ll get the Pancake Puffs post written. No, really, I will. Someday. 😉

I couldn’t find any pictures of our crapalicious patio, and I went back two years in PSE. My eyes are bleeding by the sheer numbers of photos I have…and my brain hurts by the thought of getting all those printed. So just believe me when I say that it was messy, ugly, and not fun to be outside.

Introducing our all new and beeeyoutiful patio:

This is looking straight at the patio. We covered the existing cement slab (ugly gray slab with cracks, thankyousomuch builder!).

This is looking a bit to the right. You can see how the path, the lovely lovely path, continues past the house to the front. The small shed there is new; we had a slab installed so we could be one there. It holds the lawn mower, the boys’ bikes, and the boys’ scooters.

This is looking from the back door (you know, the one the boys never close and now the screen is just a suggestion to bugs? Yeah, that one). You can see the uber-cool detail in the pressed cement.

This is looking back up to the back porch. Like the color? Me too. And the surface is so soft and smooth. My favorite part? See that step? Yeah we never had a step there before, just a huge 18 inch leap or heave-ho. A step. Mmm…hey, if you went five years without a step there, you’d be pretty happy right now too! : )

So there ya go. Our new and improved, make mama happy patio. How many times have see sat out there to eat dinner. None. Yeah, we’re a work in progress.


  1. ewwww… My favorite part is that acid wash/dye finishing on the front of the porch part before it hits the yard. NICE!!! I love it. We added a sidewalk from our back to our front and as much as my husband fought me on it, it is HIS FAVORITE PART of the whole patio. Thanks hubby, sometimes I do know what I am talking about.


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