Jun 02 2010

Friends and IKEA and Trader Joe’s, oh my!

Because I’m working to live in the NOW, right NOW I’m telling myself learning to write posts on the iPhone is important and not just ’cause I’m too lazy to get up and walk across the room to MacDreamy. Learning trumps laziness, so let’s all believe that story, m’kay? Sadly, that means no links, ’cause apparently that option doesn’t exist on a mobile device. Sigh…
If, in the middle of the day, you noticed a general gleefulness running through your veins, that was because I was at IKEA and my joy overfloweth. I whistled, I skipped, I giggled, I’m making up all of this. I was sedate as a nun, albeit one with a big shit-eating grin plastered between the nose and chin. Truly that store has such allure because we don’t have one in Denver, but I did find quite a few things on my list and thus I am happy. Nothing like a little “Jen Porn” to brighten a gloomy day. It only got better with a trip to Trader Joe’s for two cases of Three Buck Chuck and killer peanut butter cups.
But the best part was lunch and dinner with two different old friends. I rarely get to meet up with old friends when in town, so two in one day is wonderful. Add to that the dinner I had last night with Christina of Ends With 8741 and the meetup tomorrow with Kim of Hormone-Colored Days, and I’m a happy camper. As great as it is to hit shops I don’t usually get to visit, getting together with my friends is so much better.
Tomorrow we’re back to making memories with the boys by going for Dim Sum (I’ll try to avoid the gluten poisoning I got last time) and visiting the Museum of Science and Industry. There’s a new weather exhibit, and all three of my guys are excited to go. I just love watching them. Memories in the making.
Aaannnnd…iPhone is nearly out of juice. The price of laziness, I suppose.
This month’s topic for NaBloPoMo is “Now.”


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  1. Kelley @ Magnetoboldtoo

    Girl, my daughter just moved to the city and I CANNOT WAIT to go and visit her.

    So I can go to Ikea and Costco.


  2. Nancy Campbell

    I still find it appalling that Colorado has no Trader Joe’s. This is something to consider if I ever think of moving there.

  3. ChiTown Girl

    aw…I think I should be hurt that I wasn’t invited to join you and Christina!!! 🙁

  4. Soovereverthing

    The “storms” exhibit is amazing. We LOVE MSI. Hope you had a great time.

  5. Nan

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