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Yes, it’s been awfully quiet here lately. I’d like to apologize to my two remaining readers, this site gathering dusty cobwebs, and any thoughts I may have had regarding a potential writing career. Sigh. Sometimes you just get sucked into a time-suck wormhole and no amount of planning, whining, or wine drinking will pull you out of it. The last ten or so days have been a whirlwind of…I have absolutely no idea. End of school stuff I’m sure, as tomorrow is the last day. Just a time of one thing after another until you crawl into bed at night wondering exactly what you did all day and knowing it wasn’t Oprah and potato chips. Not by a long shot. I hope to push past it all and get back into the swing of things; I was doing pretty well there for awhile.

Summer vacation begins tomorrow at 3:35. A long, glorious summer of no homework battles. A long, glorious summer of “read all you want, boys!” A long, glorious summer of not feeling like a failure as a mother because of school issues. Mother-failure will certainly come in other areas. I plan to make this a summer of quiet. Quiet as in “not yelling,” as in “finding my inner quiet,” as in “relaxation.”

And hopefully as I go, the boys will go too.


Whaddya think?

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