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Gardening, A Song Cycle
Gardening, A Song Cycle

Gardening, A Song Cycle

Did you know that today is World Naked Gardening Day? Yep, first Saturday in May. Sadly, I am not gardening, neither clothed nor starkers. Today I am the chauffeur and ATM for my kid at a technology/hacker conference. The things we (gladly) do for our kids. So while it is gorgeously warm and sunny out I am indoors catching up on emails and writing and slogging through mind-numbing paperwork, all while praying I’m not also being hacked by an attendee across the room. (Updated to add: Yep, using open WiFi at a hacker conference is playing with fire. My packets were intercepted by and broadcast on the screen in the exhibitor room. So folks there got to see my GoodReads books…right after someone hacked through the porn filter…it’s been an enlightening weekend.)

I miss gardening. It’s a good way for me to clear my head, and where I tend to do some of my best brainstorming and writing. Last year I entertained myself by coming up with gardening songs; can’t even remember how I got started on that. I did get the tramp stamp sunburn, though; second degree burn complete with blisters and the inability to sleep on my back, all because I slathered myself in sunscreen everywhere BUT that narrow slit between the bottom of my shirt and the top of my shorts.

Eventually I will return to regular blogging…very likely right around the time my long-term band directing sub gig is over.

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  1. M in Australia

    Hi there Jen,

    This isn’t directly related to this blog post, so I hope it’s okay to post here.

    I’m currently re-reading your book for the third time. I guess that’s actually re-re-reading. Every now and then I just need to feel that someone else gets it; that this existence and experience isn’t mine alone. Reading your book, I breathe a little slower, chuckle a lot, and do a lot of nodding along.

    I just wanted to share one particular portion that resonates so so much. It’s where you describe how our kids abhor change, yet crave novelty. I’m not sure if those are your exact words, but that’s the gist. Yes oh yes oh yes.

    Thank you for a wonderfully relatable book and blog 🙂

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