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Good, Good, Good, Good Intentions
Good, Good, Good, Good Intentions

Good, Good, Good, Good Intentions

The road to hell is paved with good intentions, right? Perhaps that’s why I don’t really make New Year’s Resolutions; I don’t need to pave the road any smoother. Dropping the F-bomb at in front of my kids will do that just fine thankyouverymuch.

But this year I’m caving a bit on my anti-Resolutions stance. I have a few things I want to, and need to accomplish this year. Nothing insane like running a marathon, noooo thanks. (Side note: the current Olympic Gold Medalist in woman’s marathon lives in my town. Five below zero this morning as I’m driving to yoga and I see her out for a run. Every time I see her, all I can think is, “THAT is an Olympic runner.” No idea if she lives in my neighborhood…hello? Olympic Runner. She could be MILES from home.) But things like:

  1. I’m going to read all the gifted/twice-exceptional books/raising intense kids books I have in my ever-growing library. My current method of purchase, admire, place on shelf is not doing much for the actual absorption of information.
  2. Tonight I’m starting a Healthy Living Challenge class at the local rec center. A 12 week class on, well, living healthier. I weighed in on Saturday at One Hundred and I ATE A SMALL CHILD and by the end of the class I want that down to One Hundred and I ATE A SMALL DOG, and by the end of May to One Hundred and I CAN LIVE WITH THIS. Best case scenario I look and feel great. Worst case scenario I fail miserably, hate myself, and run off to live in a Twinkies factory.
  3. It’s time to crack down on myself, career-wise. Things are looking titchy for 2010 and I either need to bring in a paycheck or pare down even further. As I happen to like my internet access and iPhone, I’m searching out jobs. It’s Rock vs. Hard Place, the rematch: long-term I know what I want to do but it’ll take time to be profitable, short-term we’re looking at possible private school for next fall. So. Me=cracking down. This is also tied in with #1.
  4. Then there’s the whole keep the cultivate patience/positive thinking using humor/be better at everything I do/drown my perfectionism area that is consistently on any list like this I create. Yes, I see the irony of those four being all together.

Will I do it all? Yes. Will I do it all well? Probably not. Hey! Maybe that should be my Resolution this year: actually succeed at all my Resolutions. Yeah, I’m just a riddle wrapped in an enigma suffocating in a maze.


  1. I LOVE the healthy living class!!!! What a great idea. Keep us posted on that.

    And, I hope you’re able to figure out the school thing. I know what a nightmare that can be…and I also understand all too well WHY it is such a problem to find the right school for A.

    I’ll be here, in the bleachers, cheering you on in your resolutions! Go get ’em!!

  2. MoCo Mom

    Thanks for writing the list for me. A few tweaks (how to deal with the latest sensitivities and anxieties of my kids), and yes, I’m starting with 100 + 2 kids to lose, and hell yes I need a new job and my current one will be ending soon and what the heck do I want to do anyway. So, yea you, I’m with ya. Yea goals. Now, to go start my 30-day health club introductory package.

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