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Gratitude Wednesday-The Shallow One
Gratitude Wednesday-The Shallow One

Gratitude Wednesday-The Shallow One

It’s the little things in life that make it worth living sometimes.

1) Girl Scout Cookies. Really, how else can we buy cookies and feel good about the purchase? And there’s nothing like frozen Samoas after they’ve been thawed. Mmmm…chewy….

2) Stampin’ Up! stamps. I’m about to leave to get my stamps from my big honkin’ party. I’m one happy crafty person.

3) The Magic School Bus cartoon and books. The cartoon gives me a guaranteed 30 minutes of silence and A is learning something to boot. He loves science and this show and books is right up his alley.

4) Tivo. See above…and the fact that we have at least 3 West Wings and 3 Battlestar Galacticas recorded and waiting. And the best part is, no commercials! Oh, and not having to search for a videotape.

5) And when in doubt for things to be grateful for…Indoor Plumbing!!! Really, do you want to be squatting outside in the winter? I didn’t think so!

edit: And let me add tax refunds, they just make me happy happy….whew…


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