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The Frozen Chosen, Music of My Life, and Intimacy
The Frozen Chosen, Music of My Life, and Intimacy

The Frozen Chosen, Music of My Life, and Intimacy

Every year our church hosts Gospel Fest. We have a well-known Gospel historian/musician come in and run a clinic, with a concert the next day. On Sunday morning we have a Gospel music service. It’s a hoot. This is a Lutheran church, people! The music is outstanding, the service is inspirational, but…we truly are the Frozen Chosen. I say this with love in my heart, but we just can’t move while singing. We look like Weeping Willow trees, just sorta swaying in the breeze. Comical. I played in the instrumental ensemble yesterday morning. Nothing like Gospel flute. I wish we’d do a Bluegrass service, but not a whole lot of Bluegrass flute either. LOL

Yesterday at dinner Tom and I determined the role of an iPod in someone’s life. It’s to give you your very own Life Soundtrack. You can change music based on what’s going on. You know, like that old Far Side comic: “Bad Guy, Ernie…Minor Key!” (Trust me on this, J is waking up and I don’t have time to search for it or scan it in…but it’s a funny panel). So we determined the soundtrack main theme for our family: pretty much ANY overture by Rossini. “The Italian Girl in Algiers” was playing while we had dinner and it mirrored what was going on at dinner. A slow beginning, very lyrical, then suddenly fast and amusing, zipping to an energetic ending. Yup, that is dinner here at Chez NADM. We start off with actual eating (with occasional good manners), then one of the boys starts with something amusing, the other imitates, the table pushing begins (never again will I buy a lightweight table from IKEA, though I love IKEA stuff), food throwing or blahblahblah at the top of one’s voice commences, and it all zips to a quick end to dinner when J tosses his sippy cup milk across the table and nails A’s open cup of soy milk, drenching the kitchen. Ahh, we’re living a Rossini overture.

The boys’ bedtime is 7 pm. Lately A has been passing out at about 7:01. Must have something to do with getting up at 5:freakin’:30. With our schedules and general exhaustion, marital intimacy keeps getting put on the back burner. So hey, let’s take advantage of the early bedtime! Which is all well and good, until you’re, um, taking advantage of the situation and hear the following from the next room:

Stupid…stupid…(banging noises)…stupid (more banging noises)…sounds of child in hallway…
We leapt for the closet and sat in there laughing and YES, our door was locked, but A knows how to unlock it and we’re still working on the concept of privacy. So I don the bathrobe and go to find out what the hell was going on. Apparently Tom did not repeat the right song on the Enya CD and A was ticked about it and banged on the CD player in frustration (working on this too) and then fixed it. Oh, and I think he said something about daddy being stupid and messing it up. LOL This really added to the mood…kinda like hearing a newborn cry. ; )
Oh, and on the weather front, it’s 70 degrees in Colorado right now…sunny too. I gloat today, but March and April are the snowiest months and we’ll get winter now. But today (and tomorrow too) I will enjoy this weather to the fullest.


  1. Karin

    I kept trying to leave a comment yesterday but Blogger was showing me no love…lol! I had to laugh at the gospel flute comment. My hubby’s old band had a flute player – not much rock flute either although Jethro Tull and Men at Work come to mind. He could play some good rock and roll flute though! 🙂

  2. Jen

    OMG! I heard Jethro Tull once at the national flute convention. It was held OUTSIDE in Chicago. It was too loud for me so I left and could hear them all the way back to the hotel 3 blocks away. Never heard such loud music in my life!

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