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Here it comes…
Here it comes…

Here it comes…

Can you see it? Can you feel it? It’s coming. There’s no stopping it. It’ll be here before ya know it. Probably next week.

It’s not allergy season…though that probably will be here next week. Joy.

It’s not the light at the end of the tunnel…that’s August 2009 when both boys are in full day school.

It’s worse than anything you could think of.



Season changeover time.


Run! Save yourselves! Women and children Me first!

SCT sucks. See, in the fall, it’s all fun with updated school clothes and new books and the house full of the fresh air from the summer. But by spring…sigh…by spring…the updated school clothes no longer fit thanks to the massive growth spurts and the books are scrawled upon and worn and the house is full of the smell of candles I’ve had to burn for six months to try to overcome the smell of two little boys (and the kickin’ curry I made for dinner last night).

It wouldn’t be all that bad…but then I get that itch.

That itch to cull the toys and the books and clear out the closets. That itch to pass on to other loving homes some of the unused clutter around here and toss the rest. That itch to move furniture around because I’m tired of the same ole’ same ole’.

It’s coming.

Next week.

Swap out the flannel sheets for cotton. Store away (with a sigh and a kiss) the electric blanket. Check and see what still fits the boys from next summer; replace the shorts and shirts. Donate the outgrown stuff. Toss the Sunday Socks (you know, the holey/holy ones). Cull the toys and books. Clear out the closets. Open the windows. Clean my van…get it detailed…replace the windshield with its 20″ long crack. Clean the garage so we can actually pull the van in there without fear of running over the lawn mower…again. Make a decision about the backyard: deck (holy expensive, Batman!) vs. stamped concrete vs. keeping the white trash patio (bright green indoor/outdoor “carpeting” nailed on 2x4s over the crushed gravel…I know you want one).

And then…it will be gardening season. Oh, joyous day! Tomatoes! Lilies of the Valley (new this year!)! Creeping thyme in the rocks (new this year!)!  Flowers! Something else loverlie because I have a ginormous credit at the nursery!

And then spring will officially be here.


  1. Kat

    SCT – Yahoo! I am so SICK of my winter coat, I can’t possibly find the words to articulate it.
    This is why, I buy thrift. At the end of one season, I just trade it all in for a whole new wardrobe.
    It’s funny, we all wait with anticipation for that first snowfall, the first lighting of the fire in the fireplace, the first night for the duvet (my cats count that one down on the calendar, I swear) and of course, we can’t wait to put on our new winter coats.
    Now, I’d be happy never to see snow again, ever, long to open every single window in my house and breathe fresh air, look forward to buying a nice spring-y, lightweight comforter and am burning my winter coat! (Check the skies, I’ll be sending smoke signals!)

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