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I hate Mondays
I hate Mondays

I hate Mondays

I never used to hate Mondays. In fact, as recently as a year ago, I loved Mondays. Yes, I’m strange. I would be well rested from the weekend, I’d get all the laundry done, I’d go grocery shopping, I’d get all revved up for the week. And then crash on Tuesday, but that’s a story for another day.

Now, Monday is Day Of All Irritation. It’s the day A goes back to school and J is playmateless. I’m still doing everything above, but now I have a growth on my hip that wants to be entertained. And all day, as I’m doing all the things that need to be done, I have a soundtrack of “mommyplaywithme mommyi’mhungry mommyi’mthirsty mommycaniwatchamovie mommycaniplaycomputer mommycanipaint mommycanicook mommyreadtome mommyihaveameetingattheNewAndImprovedreccenter mommymommymommy…” This is interspersed with my replies of “noiwon’tplaywithyoui’mworking getoffthedog noyoucan’thavelunchit’sninethirty getoffthedog gogetyourwaterbottle thedogdoesn’tlikethat noyoucan’tplaycomputer gettheheckoffthedog noyoucan’twatchamovie quitjumpingonthedog noyoucan’tbecauseyourefusedtogetdresseduntilistrippedyounaked getoffthegoddamneddogalreadybeforeshebitesyousohelpme nowe’renotgoingtotheNewAndImprovedreccentertoday nonono…”

Needless to say, it’s driving me batsnot crazy. It’s ten til noon and I’m worn out. Tuesday through Thursday J is out of the house all day, and Friday is Friday so everything is lowkey and easy. But Mondays. Sigh. On Monday A goes to school and Tom goes up to work and I’m hitting the week hard and suddenly there’s no one to entertain poor J. It’s not his fault but dang. I’m wiped.


  1. wow. poor little guy. Poor you, too, but you’re better able to understand why A is not home and why J is suddenly alone and unhappy abut it. A’s got stuff to do at school. I wonder if J could go to “school” in the form of a couple hours at a pre-school or something just so you don’t go postal. Good luck with that. Poor Rosie, too.

  2. Dude…preschool…asap! Or join Lifetime with me…I’m telling ya, workout, shoot a few hoops with me, treadmill, work those arms on the nautilus, little stretchin, little pliates, steam room, swim…all while the kid plays in the day camp. It is heaven!

  3. childsplay

    Oh my, yes. Playmate angst! The two kids have ‘school’ one day a week, and Sassy is just this way on Tuesdays. 🙂

    I use this as my errand day, and she can get pretty whiny about that, so I make a big deal about going on a ‘mommy/daughter date’ with just she and I. Usually it’s Starbucks at the grocery store or pizza at Costco, but I totally focus 110% on her for that time. Then, she sits in the cart with a hot chocolate or churro and I can focus on my errands. 🙂

    I try to remind myself that every day she’s getting older and older, and soon she’ll be like Naturalist and spend all her time reading in her room instead of bugging me…and I’ll miss it!

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