Nov 30 2008

Looking forward

NaBloPoMo ends today. So what’s next? I mean, can I really keep up with daily posting? Not bloody likely, though I’m more likely to try now. I’m disappointed that I can’t figure out how to put a “hooray, I did it!” badge in the sidebar; I suspect that is something I can only do on a self-hosted blog. Last year I moved from Blogger to WordPress because I got tired of Blogger’s limitations, especially in replying to comments. I suspect this is the sort of pebble in the shoe that will nudge me to self-host. Last I checked, the web address I wanted was available (just double checked…yup, still available). Methinks I should jump on it if I still want it. But then I’d have to play with my header, and the design, start to change the name of the blog (which shouldn’t be too hard, since I appear to be known by two separate names), and then update the blogroll, and then I’d be putting all sorts of stuff in the sidebar that I couldn’t before, and if I was going to all that work then I’d be inserting ads, and hell’s bells that was a great run-on sentence hey look a puppy! I’ve been doing this for almost three years, so we all know I’m going to do it at some point (and if you self-host on WordPress, I’d love to chat with you!). I just can’t do something halfway, which is a problem when you have several dozen things on your plate. My life and interests? Look just like a Thanksgiving plate, also with the resulting indigestion.

So what will I do now? Well, I have two weeks to get all, and I mean all, holiday preparations completed before we jump in the MomVan at o’dark thirty and drive (yes, drive…whimper) to Chicago. And then Iowa. And then back home, where I will kiss the non-interstate ground and curl up with a bottle of wine and a straw. I loves me some car trips, but driving cross-country in the winter makes me a wee bit nervous. Especially with holiday-hyped kids, who won’t be visited by Santa until we get home. Going to make for a loooong drive back. (Cuss, just remembered I have to replace a couple of tires on the MomVan…that just shot a morning this week). I have a scrapbook hovel room to shovel out. It has become a crafts dumping ground, which doesn’t make for much creativity. The boys have been looking at old scrapbooks lately, which tells me I’d better get going making more for them to enjoy, before they think they’re too cool to enjoy them. A has his appointment at the EE clinic on Tuesday, so I’ll be freaking out sorting through all the info from that. I’m playing a big ole’ piece of music at church next weekend, and I might maybe wanna practice. And then there’s just the ongoing to-do list from hell. So I’m sure I’ll keep busy.

And right now? Besides keeping the boys from beating on each other (how the hell have I become “base?”), I’ll probably waste the day playing with the header, the blogroll, the website address, the design…hey look a puppy!


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  1. Karin

    I self-hose using WordPress. You have my email – fire away! lol!

  2. Karin

    Err…ummm…that’s self-HOST. Egads! At least my typos are humorous. 😉

  3. MizFit

    I forgot my comment when I saw that karin selfhosed.


  4. Mama Zen

    For me, Karin’s first comment was more accurate! I have my own domain and have tried and tried to move my blog over there. Can’t make it happen. Since, I’m paying for the domain, I feel pretty self-hosed!

  5. Merrily

    sounds like a typical holiday season
    gawd bless us each and every one…

  6. Dawn on MDI

    Here’s the FAQ link for the badge gizmo for WP.



  7. michelle

    omg…self-hosed….that is hilarious!

    Wow…that is a crazy long trip…you are insanebrave.

  8. Dawn on MDI

    Here’s the FAQ link for the badge gizmo for WP.


    Darn. it doesn’t seem to answer the questions you have.Sorry. Maybe someone will post back to the question with an answer.

  9. RC

    May have to email you something. If you register your own domain, do not do it through WordPress. Love them dearly, but discovered a MAJOR downside to having them register your domain, and ended up spending extra money to register through godaddy. Drop me a line. I’ll fill you in…

  10. Cathy

    A wine bottle with a straw–so, so funny. We lived in Chicago for many years before moving back to Denver, so I know that Denver/Chicago drive very well!! I hope you don’t hit any bad weather!

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